Knicks Announce Lack of Interest in the 5th Seed With Tonight's Performance

The Knicks looked freakin awful today. They came out slow and unemotional and never looked back. The Knicks shot contested shot after contested shot while Indiana was wide open for half their shots. They showed today what all Knicks fans know, when this team’s shot is off they can’t do anything to make up for it on the other end of the court.

  • While Danny Granger sat tonight, Tyler “Kareem” Hansbrough dominated.
  • Roy “Bill Russell” Hibbert turned Amare into his bitch as he basically shut him down on the inside.
  • There were no positives on the Knicks side. Carmelo did not score his first points in the second half until 3:30 to go in the game. T.Douglas shot 1-12 including missing his first 9 from the field. As a team they shot 7-30 from 3 point land which means they should have stopped shooting 3 pointers at some point.
  • Billups return reminded us that he is old and not our future at point guard.
  • There were times when Jared Jeffries and Turiaf where on the floor at the same time. This should never happen. They are literally anti-offense. You can’t have two guys on the floor that are this bad at offense at the same time. Turiaf would get the ball, the defense would leave him completely alone and he refused to even shoot. Watching Jeffiries you wonder if he even hits his lay-ups during pre-game warm ups.
  • It seemed like every time the Knicks went down the floor they had to work so hard for each basket. Every time they went inside they were contested. They needed to open the floor up with say mid-range jumpers. When the inside is not there Amare should start shooting jumpers because he is pretty good at that and why D’antoni doesn’t tell him this is a mystery.
  • When the Knicks look so sluggish why not put a high energy guy like Derek Brown in or even see what Rautins can do.
  • Chris Paul is not the answer for this team. They need a more balanced attack and probably a new coach. Strangling your ability to balance out the roster with another max contact makes no sense. Miami is doing it unsuccessfully and no one in their right mind would argue Carmelo, Amare +Deron or Paul is better than Lebron, Wade & Bosh.
  • On a side note, The Celtics are better than the Bucks.

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