It is tough to win with half a roster

Howard Beck from the NY Times has written an interesting piece about the Knicks lack of a real roster.  It is fairly obvious to anyone that takes a glance at this roster that the Knicks do not have a full roster. Not even close. While I am happy to have Carmelo on this team, there is no way you can trade half of your roster for him and expect to immediately start winning.  Essentially, the Knicks traded 4 players (Moz, Felton, Chandler & Gallo) for 2 players (Melo & Billups, and this is an aging Billups). The Knicks already had the depth of Sarah Palin prior to the trade and now they are at least 2 players weaker. Most of the other players acquired in the trade should not even be on the roster next year and the only one that should be on the roster next year (Corey Brewer) was released in a rather baffling move.

This team has some good building blocks with two stars in Melo and Amare. Landry has been a fantastic find and he is just a rookie who will continue to develop. Toney Douglas is also only in his second year and it looks like he will continue to get better. Billups can provide some veteran leadership and should continue to help Douglas (though I would argue that they may be better served by cutting him and using his $14MM to help build up the bench). After that, there is not much on this roster. One of D’Antoni’s goals for the rest of the season should be to figure out what else he has on this roster but I think he is starting to worry too much about his job (and he has good reason to worry). Hopefully, Walsh or whoever runs this team next season can get us at least two thirds of a roster instead of half a roster or this team is not going to do much next season either.


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