Red Cross abandons Japan, sets up camp at Madison Square Garden

The Knicks cannot even beat the Bobcats. Are they are going to win another game this season? Do they have a legitimate shot at an epic collapse? I think the only reason the Knicks are going to make the playoffs at this point is because with 9 games to go even if they lose every game they may still end up with the 8th seed. So here is a basic recap that you could use for any game lately:

  • This game was close but then the Knicks lost control of the game in the _______ (insert quarter).
  • _________  (insert name of superstar) had a really poor shooting night tonight and was noticeably upset at himself for how he played.
  • The Knicks had a ton of trouble containing ___________ (insert name of mediocre player from the other team) who had one of his best performances of the season.
  • Coach D’Antoni inexplicably gave _______ (insert name of crappy bench player) a bunch of minutes tonight while unexpectedly sitting ________ (insert name of crappy bench player) for much of the game.
  • The Knicks overall looked confused on __________ (insert word: defense or offense) for long stretches tonight.
  • Hopefully, the Knicks will be able to get their pizazz back in their next game against _________ (insert name of next opponent who will clobber them).

This is just getting awful. The only explanations that make sense any more is that the team is doing this on purpose to get rid of D’Antoni or that Ashton Kutcher, with the Knicks help is going all out for the new season of Punk’d.

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