Derek Brown plays almost 10 minutes which means it must have been a blowout

The Knicks crushed the Raptors tonight. Though they won by only 13 it never felt that close. The Knicks did not play a ton of defense but they scored a lot of points and just kept hitting shots. Everyone shot well and the Knicks ultimate key, Toney Douglas had a streak of fire trailing him all night.  Based on how the Knicks are playing, here are their keys for winning in the playoffs:

  • Shoot above 50% from 3 point land. The Knicks seem unbeatable when they are on from downtown (of course, what team wouldn’t be).
  • Have a plan for winning when you shoot under 50% from downtown (it seems obvious but it is very worth stating).
  • Convince the other team to agree to some weird neither team plays defense pact.
  • Pass the ball, get everyone involved, play the same way your coach instructed you to do in junior high.
  • Get Anthony Carter and Shelden Williams involved in the game (similarly, buy Jared Jeffries an all-expenses paid vacation to Hawaii that happens to coincide with the playoffs).
  • Reduce Amare and Carmelo’s minutes to under 25 minutes a night for rest of the regular season as it is quite obvious that D’Antoni will up their minutes  49 a night in the playoffs.
  • Borrow Mozgov from the Nuggets for the playoffs, it is not like they are even using him.

Oh, and hats off too DeMar Derozan who had 36 points tonight which would be his second highest scoring night of the season…can you say KNICKS EFFECT!!!

Download Episode 52 –  A great interview with David Dwork, Miami Heat blogger for The Peninsula is Mightier.


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