Who's Better?

I’m getting sick of conversations like “If Kobe gets another title he’ll be considered the GOAT (greatest of all time)”, or ‘LeBron isn’t even in the conversation with Kobe until he wins a title”.

Winning titles is great, not that many players get to do it, but it shouldn’t be used as a basis for an argument about who’s better.  Please refer to example one if you don’t believe me.

Example 1:

This guy

would be considered better than this guy:

I rest my case.


5 thoughts on “Who's Better?

  1. I disagree. Yes, there are fringe players that get titles and being the 10th guy on a championship team does not make you great. If you are an allstar, the number 1 guy on a team, however, then you have to be judged by your ability to lead your team to the promised land. No one would say Ewing was as good as Hakeem because the dream won two titles. No one would sing Shaq’s praises for an injury plagued career if he had as many titles as the mailman. Lebron had enough talent in Cleveland to have the best record in the league and is now surrounded by two of the best players in the league in Miami. Lebron has to prove himself by winning titles or he is not in the same league as Kobe.


  2. But Kevin Garnett was one of the greatest power forwards ever but was stuck on horrible TWolves teams for a decade. If he never gets traded to Boston should the fact that he was stuck in MN take away from his legacy?


  3. Yes, it should. The Mailman, Barkley and Stockton are all considered great. But, they never won a title and that hurts their legacy. Basketball is the only team sport where one individual can make such a huge difference. While it would have sucked for Garnett to spend his career in Minnesota, at the very least he should have been leading his team farther into the playoff. In some ways he probably underperformed in Minnesota as a team player. I mean would you consider Jordan as great if never won the title? Wouldn’t Kobe just be Dominique Wilkins? While winning the title is not the end all be all of being great, if you can’t even lead your team far into the playoffs how great can you be.


  4. Yo kap15, r u out of your mind bro? Did u seriously ask whether anyone would consider Jordan great had he never won a title? The answer is of course without a shadow of doubt YES Jordan would be considered the best player EVER. When Dominique dreams at night, he pictures himself going up for a crazy dunk when Kobe comes out of nowhere and denies him! Thats how good Kobe is 🙂 Now, regarding LeCon (excuse me) LeBron – he will always suck because he’s a grade A chicken and nothing else. The fact that he can play great basketball meant something up until he decided to disgrace his name by holding Wade’s (and what’s infinitely worse) Bosh’s hand…Wade BTW is crazy awesome and he got the ring SOLO on his team with respect.


  5. Jordan would be great but not the greatest. Everyone would question why he could never win a ring. No one ever gets anointed truly great until they have a title. No one started talking about Jordan as the greatest ever until he started winning rings. Jordan did amazing things on the court but, of course, that is why he was able to win titles.

    And, totally agree that LeCon made a chicken crap move going to a team where he no longer had to be the Alpha Dog. Wade got it done before LeCon got there so he will always get the respect that LeCon will not get.

    The real question is whether it is a serious knock on a player’s career if he does not win a title and I think it is a serious knock.


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