Truly a bizarre night and a crushing loss…erghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been picking the Knicks to win every night and every night I have been crushed in the waning seconds. I am predicting they will win Friday night. The difference tonight was some awful injuries and some not too friendly refereeing. Nothing was awful by the refs but the advantage was definitely with the Celtics. These advantages will be for the Knicks in MSG. The Knicks played good defense once again but their offense is escaping them. Tonight was just bizarre:

  • Losing Amare early was devastating and I guess this could be a moral victory because they played so well without Chauncey and Amare but moral victories are like Santa Clause, they only exist in the world of kids.
  • Overheard from D’Antoni during the huddle with 13 seconds to go right before the Knicks last shot “Okay, we need to score here. Who should we put on the floor? Jeffries, you may be the worst offensive player in the league so obviously you are due to score here based on the law of averages.  And…Mason, you have only played significant minutes in 7 games this season, you should be well rested for this moment.”
  • This is the problem with D’Antoni making no effort to develop the bench all season. Derrick Brown could have helped tonight. Shelden Williams may actually have been able to handle the pass Jeffries lost to Garnett at the end of the game. The bigger problem is the Knicks lack depth and really this can only be fixed in the off-season; I just find how D’Antoni uses his bench to be bizarre.
  • Bill Walker could not hit a shot. He somehow was +10 but I am not sure how he was contributing.
  • Landry Fields might as well start the second half in Andy Rautins’ jersey because he will not be playing in the second half. He does look a little lost at times but you have counted on him all season. Give him more second half minutes.
  • The Knicks shockingly out-rebounded the Celtics. They played good defense. Jeffries and Turiaf looked good. I can’t believe we are in the playoffs and I am complaining about the Knicks offense, not their defense.
  • And, oh yeah, Carmelo is a superstar. Amare, take note, you have to pass when you are double teamed. Carmelo did a great job of this. It is just tough when you have to play the entire second half.
  • I hate Rondo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I cannot even kill the Knicks for the ridiculous ending to the game with the back court pass. The game was over at that point any how.
  • And finally, Doc Rivers is clearly a better coach than D’Antoni.

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