The Future of D’Antoni

Here is an excerpts from a recent e-mail discussion Jay and I had about D’Antoni

Jay: I completely disagree with this article about why the Knicks should bring back D’Antoni.

Marc: yes, D’Antoni has had a tough roster to deal with but the real question is whether he is the best coach to lead this team going forward. If the Knicks did not already have a coach and were looking to hire, no one in their right mind would say what they need is a guy who is solely offense focused. I was listening to sports talk on Sirius radio last night where they threw out Rick Adelman as being a good replacement for D’Antoni.  The radio guys were also killing Amare and Carmelo for being proud of the team’s performance in this series.

Jay: He got outcoached so bad in the playoffs and it wasn’t anything that would take a genius to figure out.  Keep a timeout in the final minute, tell the team to keep an eye on the backcourt inbound pass, don’t put Jeffries in on offense, etc.  I’d love Adelman as our coach.  I’d be proud of the way the bench stepped up in game 2.  That is all.

Marc: The Mets did the same thing last year that analysts are asking the Knicks to do. At the end of the 2009 season everyone knew the Mets manager had done a poor job and was not going to lead the team anywhere. But, the Mets had a bunch of injuries in 2009 so everyone said let’s give him one more chance. 2010 turned out to be another disaster and they fired everyone after that. That is what is going to happen with the Knicks. Walsh as GM is fine but D’Antoni is clearly not the right coach for this team. But, they will give him one more year because of injuries and the mid-season trade and I guarantee the team will bail on D’Antoni at the end of next season. What is inexplicably stupid is that you know D’Antoni is the wrong guy for this team and you are investing a ton in Carmelo and Amare, they have to get a coach that can move this squad forward.

Jay: Especially with Amare’s injury history.  Need to make a move now in case anything happens.  It’s in his contract that his injuries are not covered by insurance so if anything happens we’re finished.


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