A Few More Thoughts on the Finals

Outlook going forward:

Assuming Dallas can resign Chandler they are in very good shape for next year. Remember, Butler, Haywood and Beaubois will all either be back next year or traded for new pieces. Since we have no idea lets assume they all stay. Haywood gives you more productive minutes than Mahimni, Butler starts and you have Marion coming off the bench and Peja can do what he did in game 6 and watch, and Beaubois can play the point, giving Kidd the opportunity to play less than 30 minutes a game. Everyone is fresh for the playoffs and they have another big scorer in Butler in crunchtime. Don’t sleep on these guys next year either. Long-term they have some big contracts coming off the books in Butler and Kidd after next season and can either give starting roles to Beaubois , Brewer and/or Barea or have the cap space to bring in new/younger talent.

Miami: Their front line of Ilgauskas, Dampier, Magloire and Howard all have to go. I can’t believe that was their plan this season. Maybe Pittman will be good, develop him this season and see what he’s got. Chalmers proved he’s a keeper and he’s only 25. IF Jones was injured for the finals and didn’t just decide to start sucking then keep him. Anthony played great D the first 3 rounds of the playoffs so I’d keep him too. Everyone else other than Wade, Bosh and James can go. There is talk about trading one of the “big three”. Stop it. They almost won the championship, no need to freak out and trade one of your best players. Giving James a heart transplant would be something to look into though. I think their future looks OK, but I’m worried about the miles on Wade and how healthy he can stay as he turns 30. I’m worried that James will never be fully focused and never learn a post move or improve his outside shot. They will be top 4 in the east for 2-3 years, but was this their best chance at winning it all?


For Dallas, Kidd, Marion and Dirk all greatly improved their legacies. I don’t like the argument that so and so isn’t that great because he never won. Barkley and Nash are amazing players, however leading your team to a championship is hard to argue with. Dirk is now arguably one of the 20 best players of all time, and Kidd is one of the best PG’s of all time. Marion was amazing his first 7 years in the league, but was so bad the last two everyone forgot. He got his mojo back this season. If he has one or two more good seasons I’d argue he’s a top 100 player.

It’s more complicated for Miami. I’d say Bosh made out the best this series. He was solid in the finals and showed a lot of heart. He was considered the red-headed step child of the big 3, but outplayed one of them. Wade doesn’t move up or down. He won a championship already and was the best player on his team this series. LeBron was the big loser in this series. The Jordan talks are officially over. For that I am thankful, was getting real sick of that anyway. Depending on what happens next season the Pippen talk might be over as well.

I also wanted to add that the Heat just don’t seem to understand why everyone hates them and wants them to lose. Well we can start right here:

Example 1

Reason 2

Reason 3

They just don’t get it and I don’t think they will. Making fun of another player who had a legitimate ailment while you are flopping all over the place and being overly dramatic about your own mystery ailments, and talking about how great your life is instead of how you need to improve your game won’t get you much sympathy.

One thought on “A Few More Thoughts on the Finals

  1. i was listening to the b.s. report with bill simmons and he was talking with dan lebatard(?). lebatard said that james looks up to wade and always walks behind him. basically james is wade’s bitch and that he cant take a shit without wade’s sayso.


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