Knicks Roster Mid-Season Grades


Carmelo Anthony – B:  He played too much iso-ball in the beginning of the season, but since coming back from his injury has been making a huge effort to move the ball around.  His shot is way off right now but we expect him to look more like himself after the all-star break.

Mike Bibby – F:  I know he’s getting old and he’s lost a step, but how did he forget how to shoot and pass as well?  We had to play shooting guards at the point because he was too bad to play more than five minutes.

Tyson Chandler – A: Exactly what we wanted when we signed him. Excellent defender, low post presence and when a good PG is playing can be a factor on offense too.  He’s currently leading the league leader in field goal percentage.  Needs to calm down on techs or he’s going to be suspended for a number of games in the second half. Baron Davis – INC:  He didn’t play basketball for 11 months so we have to cut him some slack.  Shots been way off and he’s chucked some terrible shots up, but she’s shown flashes of what we were hoping to get.

Toney Douglas – D:  The D is because he plays some D, although even that has been sub-par lately.  His offense has been a disaster, but I think he never recovered from his injuries.

Landry Fields – B+:  Still a little inconsistent, but has had way more good games than bad since Lin took over at PG. Looks like in the right system he’s a legitimate starting SG.

Josh Harrellson – B+:  Before his injury he went from a guy we thought would never see the court to a guy that seems like he can be a really solid backup for Amar’e.  Spreads the floor and plays decent enough D.

Jared Jeffries – B:  He’s been hitting his shots lately and has been all over the place on defense.  He’s trying really hard to make us not hate him.  He still can’t catch the ball when it’s passed to him, but he’s been doing everything else right.

Jerome Jordan – INC:  He’s only played garbage time. Even when everyone was injured and/or we were up/down by 20 he can’t seem to get in with more than 5 minutes left in the game.  Can’t tell if he’s terrible or just not given a chance to play.

Jeremy Lin – A+:  Not so much for his play, which has been very good (except for that stinker in Miami), but for everything else he’s done. He saved what was just about to be a lost season in NY, saved Mike D’Antoni’s job, got Time Warner and Cablevision to settle their differences, had a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream named after him, cured cancer, stabilized the economy, ended world hunger….you get the idea.

Steve Novak – A:  We signed him to hit 3’s and that’s exactly what he’s been doing. He’s among the league leader in 3’s and 3 point percentage and isn’t a complete liability on defense. A pleasant surprise.

Iman Shumpert – B:  Iman is a SG. Now that we got that settled he’s looked much better. If he can work on his shot he’ll have a long career. His D is already excellent. We found out how good when he missed a game due to injury and opposing guards ran around the Knicks guards like they were Yi’s chair.

J.R. Smith – B-:  Well, he’s not shy.  He took 16 shots in his debut.  He’s been better on D than I thought, but his streaky shooting has been pretty much what I was expecting.  It’s nice to have a scoring option off the bench.

Amar’e Stoudemire – D-: Or should I say -D.  His defense never looked good, but when he was destroying people on offense it was easier to ignore. Now that he looks like an old man lumbering down the court you look for other things he’s good at.  It’s not defense, rebounding or keeping the ball in bounds on a block….well at least there’s only four uninsured years left on his contract at 20M a year. OK to be fair there could be an explanation for this.  His back could never have healed from last season’s playoff injury. Let’s hope it’s that, because if the wheels have fallen off already his contract will cripple the Knicks like Allan Houston’s did last decade.

Bill Walker – F: When the Knicks had a ton of injuries Bill got inserted into the starting lineup.  How did he respond?  By shooting worse than Roger Mason was shooting last year, and walking around like he had amnesia on defense.  Way to capitalize on what could have been a very good situation for him. Expect to never see him again when everyone is healthy.

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