The ABC’s of today’s game

D is for Detroit who has a terrible team.  A team so terrible the Knicks were able to play mediocre on both end of the floor and still win by 20.

E is for enthusiastic, which is how I feel about Harrellson’s play as well as the handlebar mustache he is growing in.

T is for Tyson Chandler who was a beast all game.

R is for rebounds.  The Knicks got a whole lot of them tonight.

O is for ocean.  Something Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t be able to throw a ball into if he was more than 3 feet away.

I is for irrelevant.  That’s the only time J.R. Smith gets hot, is when extra scoring is irrelevant.

T is for turnovers.  The Knicks like to start off the game with a flurry of them.

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