The ABC’s of the Cavaliers game – 3/31/12

C is for Cavaliers: Who with Irving and Varejao out were nice enough to put a bunch of D-leaguers and players no one has ever heard of on the court.

L is for Lin:  Unfortunately we found out before the game that we’ll have to go the rest of the season without him.

E is for energy:  This is what J.R. Smith provides a ton of off the bench.  He also shot really well in a close game; something he hasn’t been good at since coming to the Knicks.

V is for Varejao: I’m so glad I didn’t have to watch him flop 6-7 times last night.

E is for enjoyable:  This game was the exact opposite to watch.  Lots of sloppy plays and turnovers on both sides.

L is for Luke Walton:  I thought he only sat on the bench and collected checks, I was very surprised to see him on the court….and not as surprised when I saw them throw up an airball.

A is for anxious:  As in anxious about our point guard situation.  With Lin out and Davis….old we dusted off Toney Douglas and he looked….not great.

N is for Novak:  He’s been on 90% of the time, but when he’s having a game like he did last night maybe he shouldn’t do the belt thing when he’s missed the 5 previous shots.

D is for defense:  Tyson Chandler has been invaluable in this department.


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