Knicks vs The Heatles 4/15/12 – Game Thread

We’re playing the team everyone loves to hate.  We got stomped last time we played, will we get our revenge today?  Will Just Ridiculous Smith shoot well?  Who will win the LeBron Carmelo matchup?  Will Chris Bosh cry at some point in the game?

We’ll be leaving our comments here throughout the game, feel free to post your thoughts as well.

20 thoughts on “Knicks vs The Heatles 4/15/12 – Game Thread

  1. So far it looks like The Heat are doing what we need to, moving the ball well, using cutters, and hitting their jumpers.

    GAWDS I am so nervous right now


  2. While the first half MVP for the Knicks was clearly Melo, JR Smith played as good a first half of basketball he has ever played for the Knicks (with the exception of the times when the Knicks are up 20+ points). And as poorly as Baron looked in the first half, the scapegoat has to go to Landry Fields. But I’m sure he is doing his best to look good in Lebron’s highlight reel.


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