Knicks vs Heatles Game 2 – Game Thread

Last game was Hiroshima, will tonight’s game be Nagasaki? Chandler is playing, Shumpert may not be alive, and why can’t bad things happen to Miami. Woodson is coaching for his job tonight. Please let this one be a close one.

32 thoughts on “Knicks vs Heatles Game 2 – Game Thread

  1. Not a bad start. At least Bosh got called for fouls. There was already one instance where Melo took the ball to the rack, got hit by two defenders, and there was no call. But Lebron didnt call it, so what can you do.


  2. What would it take to get rid of Amare? I’m willing to give up next year’s first round pick to get rid of him.


    • JR Smith was actually playing PG on most plays. It seemed as though Bibby was the SG. I don’t know why Bibby has to be on the court if he isn’t playing PG.


  3. Fuck you time Warner. Missed the first half getting my son to sleep. I went to watch the game on dvr and found out it did not record. From looks of box score looks like strategy in first half was to have melo do all the shooting


  4. The whole Lebron running into people and getting foul calls thing has to stop. Absurdity like that just hurts the game. Also, why does Reggie Miller still have a commentator job? He sucks so hard…


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