Upcoming 2012 Knicks Draft prospects

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Once again it’s time for the New York Knicks to dive into the “Not Fixed” NBA Draft, but in order to go forward into the draft. Let’s take a look back and see what the Knicks have selected from past NBA drafts.

2011-Iman Shumpert-Georgia Tech 1st rd pick 17
Strengths: good penetrator, great defender
Weaknesses: shot selection, consistent jump shot

Iman is the man as far as I am concerned, he brings an edge to the Knicks team of grit and hustle, he throws his body on the line constantly, now if he can only stop injuring himself, he will have an even more productive year.

2010-Landry Fields-Stanford 2nd rd pick 39
Strengths: ok defender, good off the bench.
Weaknesses: lapses on defense.

Think he lost a lot of confidence when Carmelo came to the Knicks, but he amazingly seems to play better with Jeremy Lin.

2010-Andy Rautins-Syracuse 2nd rd pick 38
N/A. Did anyone ever see him play?

2009-Jordan Hill-Arizona 1st rd pick 8
Strengths: average rebounder, good motor or energy player
Weaknesses: limited minutes, injuries.

Been traded twice, but think he has finally found a home with the Lakers and has become the new Ronny Turiaf. The Lakers have a quota of always having one guy with dreads on their squad.

2009-Toney Douglas-FSU 1st rd pick 29
Strengths: average ball handler, good combo guard, and ok shooter
Weaknesses: shot selection, turnovers, not a pure point guard.

Fell from grace with the D’antoni regime and has never recovered. Think he is 3 or 4 on the depth chart. This means he is working the concession stand during the game.

2008-Danillo Ganillari- Italy 1st rd pick 6
Strengths:  3 point shot, mid-range, decent ball handler
Weaknesses: injuries

Galo was good for the Knicks, he was a good spot up shooter, and he was a bag of instant offense and a box of no defense

2007-Wilson Chandler-DePaul 1st rd pick 23
NY loved Chandler and the Knicks should have never traded him!! Great defender, above average rebounder, can shoot the 3pointer and can play the 2-4 position.

2006-Renaldo Balkman-South Carolina 1st rd pick 20
Who cares.

2006-Mardy Collins-Temple 1st rd pick 29
Is he still in the NBA?

2005-Channing Frye- Arizona 1st rd pick 8
Doing a great job in Phoenix, good 3pt shooter, ok rebounder, a solid 6”11 who can play three positions and a decent defender.

2005-David Lee-Florida 1st rd pick 30
Great rebounder, good energy guy, undersized for his position

2005-Dijon Thompson UCLA 2nd rd pick 54
I don’t even know who he is.

2004-Trevor Ariza-UCLA 2nd pick 43
This guy is really good, but I can’t understand why is he always getting traded???Traded from NY to Orlando to LA to NO and now to the Washington Wizards.

Now that we have journeyed to the past, let’s go back to the future. The Knicks have about 3 or 4 potential candidates in line for the draft. The Knicks team needs are; back-up point guard, starting shooting guard, back-up small forward, back-up power forward, and back-up center.
Here are the potential candidates in line for the 2012 draft for the Knicks organization:

Daruis Joseph -Odom–Marquette shooting guard 6”3 212
Strengths: Why this kid has three names is beyond me. This guy is a good scorer who can score at will, good body control, above average perimeter jump shot, good defender.  Avg; 18.3, 38% 3pt, and 76% Ft.
Weaknesses:  undersized or small for the shooting guard position in the NBA.

Kris joseph-Syracause small Forward 6”7 215
Strengths:  6”7 with a 6”11 wingspan ,Good slasher, avg.13.4ppg  35% 3pt shooting avg. good defender
Weaknesses: poor handle, settles for jumpers and 3 point shots.

William Buford-Ohio State shooting guard 6”5 215
Strengths: very good mid-range shooter, NBA size, 6’5 Height with a 6”9 wingspan above average defender.
Weaknesses: below average ball handler, not a good finisher

Scott Macado- St.Benedicts Prep High School Point Guard 6”2 205
Strengths: pure point guard, pass first point.  Good floor vision very good drive and dish game.
Weaknesses: not a scorer, not very fast.

Tu Holliday-Xavier Point Guard 6”0 190lbs 17.5ppg 42%fg 86%ft
Strengths: good ball handler great IQ for the game
Weaknesses: too small for the NBA or short for the position barely 6”0 a little selfish at times, wants to get his points rather than distribute. Comparable to Eric Maynor from OKC.

And who the Knicks Need:  Jared Cunningham-Oregon state point guard/shooting guard 6”5 188
Strengths: explosive NBA ready, good perimeter shooter, good slasher, and can get in the paint at will.
Weaknesses:  need to add some muscle or gain weight, need to decide to take better shots and or shot selection.

Jared could really help with the point guard load, could also break down the opposing team defense to draw the double teams to kick out to the open man. Only problem is that Jared will probably not be around that late in the draft, he is projected to go early in the second round and maybe could go late in the first round.
As a result of several changes in upper management, from Isaiah Thomas to Donnie Walsh to Glenn Grunwall, the NBA draft has been unpredictable as a spin on the Wheel of Fortune. Now under the watch of Grunwall and new head Coach Mike Wood son, there is hope in the Knicks franchise. They seem to be heading in the right direction for a change. And maybe, just maybe, The Knicks will eventually make it out of the first round of the playoffs.


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