Knicks beat Lakers, D’Antoni is still a good coach according to his wife

This is not a very happy bunch…

The Knicks crushed D’Antoni’s dreams of having a victorious return to the Garden last night. The Knicks dominated the game until the closing minutes when they decided to let up and make things interesting. Though there were brief moments of concern Felton, JR and Chandler eventually said “not going to happen Lakers.” This was another fun one though we had a minor scare from Melo. Instead of sharing my thoughts on the game, here what the players/coaches were thinking last night:

  • D’Antoni – “The system works…the system works…the system works. It’s the players fault. The system works…”
  • Woodson – “These guys are definitely running laps tomorrow. A win by less than 10 is a loss in my book.”
  • D.Howard – “I don’t want to make it awkward. I will just ask to be traded and that management fire D’Antoni and then I will get ready for the second half.”
  • Kobe – “Do you think this season is somehow payback for Colorado?”
  • Melo – “Wow, I am so on tonight. Take that D’Antoni. Nothing could go wrong tonight…”
  • Kidd – “I still can’t believe that magic elixir I bought at 4AM from that infomercial really works. I really do feel 25 again.”
  • JR – “Wow, going to a sleep at a normal time and not partying is really paying off.I can’t wait to celebrate this tonight.”
  • Duhon – “I can’t believe I am still in the league and starting PG for the Lakers.”
  • D’Antoni – “I can’t believe Duhon is still in the league and is once again my starting PG.”
  • Nash – “You couldn’t just retire, you had to give it one more try…erghhhh…”
  • Chandler – “I can’t believe when I swat the ball back to my teammates that does not show up in the box score.”
  • Rasheed – “Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…Ball don’t lie…”
  • Barkley – “I don’t care what the score is and what their record is, the Knicks are the worst team to ever play professional basketball.”

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