Knicks suck against Pacers: The top 10 best things about tonight’s game

  1. The game will eventually end…I think.
  2. Grunwald still has until the trading deadline tomorrow at 3PM to dump everyone on this roster and start rebuilding.
  3. No one was fatally injured in the playing of tonight’s game.
  4. If you missed tonight’s game because you had something better to do than you are winner.
  5. Tonight’s game actually made you look back fondly on the loss to Toronto right before the all star game.
  6. A meteorite did not hit Russia during tonight’s game.
  7. Tonight’s game was not a playoff game.
  8. We found out tonight that Woodson won’t put Copeland and Brewer in unless the Knicks are down by 35 or more points and it has to be the 4th quarter.
  9. At least the Knicks fans that are no longer alive cannot be embarrassed by tonight’s performance.
  10. Finally, we found out that when down by 30 the Knicks will still complain about foul calls.

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