KNICKS WIN!!! Knicks fan call for seconds on their heart medication.

  • Oh, we are up by 20, this is fun, this is easy…goddamn it, I forgot these are the Knicks.
  • Did the Knicks flip a coin as to whether to get the 2nd quarter or the 3rd quarter off?
  • Wow, can’t figure out why Toronto wanted to get Bargs out of town so badly?
  • Woodson said in his postgame presser that Bargs needs to find his niche. I think he has found his niche, lead killer.
  • Speaking of my new found hate for Bargs, is Cole Aldrich really that bad that we are better off having Bargs at Center??? I think I am ready to play Chris Smith at Center over Bargs at this point.
  • I feel bad for Beno as his plus/minus looks real bad only bc he was forced to play with Bargs every time out there.
  • Shump looked really good at times and will look even better when he gets his jump shot back.
  • Why is Prigi still so scared to shoot and does he realize that every time he passed up an open shot the Knicks either turned the ball or ended up with a terrible shot?
  • I am fairly certain Chandler’s vertebrae issue is cleared up for now.
  • If the Chandler that played tonight was around in the Pacer series we definitely would have been playing the Heat.
  • When was the last time the Knicks actually had 3 league average PGs on their roster? This is pretty damn amazing.
  • I get that Brandon Knight went down with an injury but, come on, stop acting like Knight would have made a remote difference. Though, every time the announcers kept talking how hard it was for Milwaukee without a PG out there I kept thinking about full seasons in which the Knicks did not have a PG.
  • Hey Milwaukee, how is that big contract you gave Larry Sanders working out? Want to swap him for Amare or Bargs?
  • Around the league, Philly blows their tanking strategy and Nets plan of going real old got off to a rocky start.

One thought on “KNICKS WIN!!! Knicks fan call for seconds on their heart medication.

  1. Good observations. I have a feeling we may end up hating Bargs but its still too early to write him off; every player has their ups and downs.


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