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  1. Hey guys,

    First of all congratulations with the baby 🙂

    Second of all I’d like to say I’ve been really enjoying the podcast, been following since podcast #1 and was wondering if you are going to start a fantasy basketball/football league for your listeners?



  2. Can anyone help…….I am living in Ireland and planning a trip to New York end of July with my 13 year old son who loves the Knicks. Does anyone know if they will be playing end of July?
    thanks in advance, Anna


  3. Hey guys.

    Good luck with the show tonight. I hope you got plenty of fillers outside of game coveage cos it doesnt look like there will be too many highlights for the knicks tonight. Melo out and DWade in makes it look ugly.

    With Melo out, you can only assume that TDouglas will be jacking up more shots with more than 15 secs on the shot clock, and i recall you will be drinking each time this happens. Hope you have eaten well toay to soak up the grog.

    Given he’s been playing injured for so long, he now just looks weak to sit out the game tonight. An ego the size of The Garden.

    Womens final of the australia open tennis tonight down here. I am looking forward to sharapovas grunting as been more entertaining than our offence tonight. And i am scared to think about the defence.

    Have a great show.


    Damien form Brisbane


  4. B1

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    • I’m Aussie
      What’s your opinion on Australia’s and what do you think of aussie players in the nba, do u think Knicks should pursue Patrick mills


  5. how can i get some of the guys to come to our restaurant, so we can make it a official nyc knicks home, where they can run the store the community an kids would love this.


  6. Unfortunately Carmelo has not been scoring very much. When he is not scoring he is a detriment to the team because it is as if they are playing with 4 instead of 5, he doesn’t set up plays, he dribbles and dribbles and looks for his shot only. He should be sitting on the bench when he is not scoring.


  7. Why do you guys even bother? I’ve tuned into this podcast many times, intrigued and hoping to hear some basketball talk, only to turn it off after about five minutes of listening to you guys incessantly whine. You’re not funny. Try actually talking some basketball and you may save yourselves from obscurity.


  8. Hi Guys,
    Great show, religiously followed here in the UK. Die hard and “death by a thousand cuts” Knicks fan for 20 years so being here in Liverpool its hard to keep tabs apart from the Post and Daily News. This is a grounded show that fills in the gaps to whats going on. Too bad I only get to see the Knicks at the Garden each December but catch the games on NBA TV each day.
    Big few weeks coming up and despite only getting the 4 pick I’m still optimistic for the next two years rebuilding.
    Thanks again and I want one of those T shirts so i will arrange!

    Cheers to all fellow Knick fans

    Gary Hughes


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