Episode 108: All Star game and Knicks Mid-Season Grades

We announce our contest winner, do the top 5 ways to make the all star game better, Jeremy Lin ice cream, read some listener emails and give the entire Knicks roster mid-season grades.  Download Episode 108


Episode 107: Don’t worry we mention Jeremy Lin

We talk about the NJ, Atlanta and Miami games.  We propose an Amar’e trade.  We bring back some of our segments including 2 heated minutes, glad we got him in the offseason and he gets paid how much?  Download Episode 107

Episode 95: Yikes

Well we followed up the terrible losses to Toronto and Charlotte with a last second win against the Wizards.  We talk about the blackout some more, the Knicks last 3 games, our coach and what’s going on around the league.  Marc also comes up with a list of facts and slogans about the Knicks.  Download Episode 95

The Knicks Amazing Offense Was Showcased Last Night Against Golden State

The Knicks are truly an offensive juggernaut as they have two of the best offensive players in the game, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. Plus, they have an offensive Guru as their coach in Mike D’Antoni. Let’s review last night’s performance against Golden State to understand the Knicks approach to scoring.

  1. Amare Stoudemire – STAT is one of the best players in the game so it is unfair for him to go one-on-one against anyone. Amare must always wait for the double team before trying to drive to the basket. Also, he must make sure to never pass the ball out of the double team because a double teamed Amare is always better than an open shooter. The Knicks also should never set a pick and roll for Amare because again that would just be unfair to their opponents.
  2. Carmelo Anthony – See description of the game plan for Amare. Plus, Carmelo plays point forward like Larry Bird which means he dribbles the ball up the court and always passes to the best player on the court which is almost always himself. He should especially never pass to Amare or Amare to him because it would be unfair to have two of the game’s best players working together.
  3. Toney Douglas – Douglas plays point guard which means he should always push the ball up court and try to shoot with as much time remaining on the shot clock as possible. It doesn’t matter if his teammates are open or if he missed the last five shots he took because it is the effort that matters most.
  4. Mike Bibby – Bibby is the back up point guard but he is older. His job is to take his time dribbling up the court. He needs to slow down the action as much as possible, kind of a rope-a-dope style lulling his opponents into submission. Continue reading

Episode 39: Breaking Down the Trade

Well the Carmelo Anthony trade finally happened.  We break down the pieces sent out and the pieces the Knicks get back.  Marc raises some good questions including, will Stoudemire and Anthony be able to play together, will D’Antoni change his style to fit the players, how do we feel about the trade in general, will we root for the Knicks players that were traded, and what do we do if Isiah comes back.  Download Episode 39

Episode 32: It was the Glasses

Jay and Marc recap the last two games vs. the Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat and talk about what to expect in the Detroit Pistons game.  We try to figure out who is going to play if Chandler, Stoudemire and Williams are all out, what happens in practice, if Mozgov is ready to get some minutes again, and if Roger Mason is going to hit a shot to double his shooting percentage.  We go over some ridiculous Miami Heat articles and top it all off with an interview with Stan from KnicksKnotes.com  Download Episode 32

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Knicks Roster Mid-Season Grades

Jay’s Grades

Kelenna Azubuike – Inc
Wilson Chandler   – A-
Eddy Curry    – F
Toney Douglas – C+
Raymond Felton   – A+
Landry Fields – A+
Danilo Gallinari – B-
Roger Mason – F
Timofey Mozgov   – D+
Anthony Randolph – D-   
Andy Rautins – Inc
Amare Stoudemire – A
Ronny Turiaf – B-
Bill Walker   – C+
Shawne Williams – B

Marc’s Grades

Kelenna Azubuike – Inc
Wilson Chandler   – B+
Eddy Curry    – F
Toney Douglas – B-
Raymond Felton   – A
Landry Fields – A
Danilo Gallinari – B
Roger Mason – F
Timofey Mozgov   – D
Anthony Randolph – D+   
Andy Rautins – Inc
Amare Stoudemire – A
Ronny Turiaf – B
Bill Walker   – C+
Shawne Williams – B

Episode 13: No Fun

Udonis Haslem is out for probably the whole season, but Miami has a two step solution.  Step one: Eric Dampier.  Step two: Fan Up!  Amare Stoudamire is the eastern conference player of the week.  Jay and Marc talk about some of their fantasy team mistakes.  Download Episode 13

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