The Knicks Amazing Offense Was Showcased Last Night Against Golden State

The Knicks are truly an offensive juggernaut as they have two of the best offensive players in the game, Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. Plus, they have an offensive Guru as their coach in Mike D’Antoni. Let’s review last night’s performance against Golden State to understand the Knicks approach to scoring.

  1. Amare Stoudemire – STAT is one of the best players in the game so it is unfair for him to go one-on-one against anyone. Amare must always wait for the double team before trying to drive to the basket. Also, he must make sure to never pass the ball out of the double team because a double teamed Amare is always better than an open shooter. The Knicks also should never set a pick and roll for Amare because again that would just be unfair to their opponents.
  2. Carmelo Anthony – See description of the game plan for Amare. Plus, Carmelo plays point forward like Larry Bird which means he dribbles the ball up the court and always passes to the best player on the court which is almost always himself. He should especially never pass to Amare or Amare to him because it would be unfair to have two of the game’s best players working together.
  3. Toney Douglas – Douglas plays point guard which means he should always push the ball up court and try to shoot with as much time remaining on the shot clock as possible. It doesn’t matter if his teammates are open or if he missed the last five shots he took because it is the effort that matters most.
  4. Mike Bibby – Bibby is the back up point guard but he is older. His job is to take his time dribbling up the court. He needs to slow down the action as much as possible, kind of a rope-a-dope style lulling his opponents into submission.
  5. Landry Fields – Fields likes to do a lot of cutting but D’Antoni has explained that the proper approach on offense is to stand around as much as possible and hope Amare or Carmelo score. Also, when Fields does have the ball the best thing he can do is to throw as many wild passes as possible.
  6. Tyson Chandler – Chandler is a big player and gets in the way. His best approach is to be as non-existent as possible on offense. He sometimes tries to set picks but this is incorrect as a slow, methodical, iso-oriented offense does not need picks. He also should never bother cutting to the basket because well, see what D’Antoni said to Fields.
  7. Josh Harrellson – Harrellson should do his best to remind the Knicks fans that he was the 8,000th player taken in the draft and would not be starting in the D-League.
  8. Bill Walker – Walker should hit a couple of shots every once in a while to guarantee he gets lots of playing time because everyone knows one key to winning a championship is lots of playing time for Bill Walker.
  9. Steve Novak/Jerome Jordan – It doesn’t matter what they try to do on offense because they are likely to never leave the bench again. Plus, when and if they do play their main role is just to make Andy Rautins jealous.

There is not a team in the NBA that the Knicks could have beaten last night. I know this was only the second game of the season and there was no real preseason, but the Knicks looked goddamn awful last night against Golden State. They missed a lot of shots and are just learning to play together which will improve but there are just some fundamental flaws that might not get better over time. They sorely need a real point guard and I know every Knicks fan is praying that Baron Davis will deliver. If he doesn’t this team is screwed because there is no one playing on the team now that seems to know how to get the offensive flow going.  They should probably pick up Antonio Daniels or Earl Boykins (and end the Mike Bibby experiment) while they wait for Davis to return. They also need a better offensive coach. I have been watching D’Antoni for a while and the only genius I have seen is that he was smart enough to have Steve Nash on his team on Phoenix. He needs to find a way to get this team move the ball more, pass more, trust each other more, do helpful things like pick and rolls and fast breaks and finding the open shooter when you are double teamed. Maybe they will look great tonight against the Lakers and this entire rant will be moot but I doubt it. The Knicks have a lot of work to do to live up to their potential.

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