Episode 127: Interview with Tommy Dee

We interview Tommy Dee (@TommyDeeTKB) from The Knicks Blog.  We talk about game 4 in detail, Amar’e stepping up, Just Ridiculous Smith, Baron Davis’ injury, Lin vs Nash, rooting against the Heat, the suspicious calls during the series, all time favorite Knicks, and some playoff predictions.  Download Episode 127

Episode 124: Playoff Preview with Jim Cavan

Jim Cavan from Knickerblogger.net joins us on our big playoff preview.  We talk about starting Amar’e off the bench, and how it probably will never happen, Metta World Peace’s suspension, and different rotation possibilities for the playoffs.  We then make our picks for every round of hte playoffs and give our end of the season awards.  Download Episode 124

Knicks @ The Cleveland Tankers 4/20/12 – Game thread

Stat is starting, Fields is not, Walking is waived, Gadzuric is signed.  Never a dull moment for the Knicks.  Hopefully we’ll continue our quest for the 6th seed.  Orlando is a mess right now, but their magic number is only 2 and they have a game against the Bobcats, so every game is really important now.

Episode 122: On the Third Day Bibby Rose Again

The Knicks win against Boston and Jersey, hitting about 753 3’s against Boston and Bibby starting against Jersey.  What kind of alternate reality is this?  We talk about Dwight refusing to play with Van Gundy, the chances of the Knicks moving up to the 6th seed, what to do about our rotation and a ton of questions submitted by listeners.  Download Episode 122

Notes from Last Night’s Match-up of the Bulls vs. Developmental League Knicks

Was this guy really supposed to be our savior at point guard???

  • Do you remember how everyone was worried that when Baron came back he would insist on taking over the starting role from Jeremy Lin. Well Lin is out for the year and Baron still insists on playing back up point guard even if we don’t have a goddam starting point guard.
  • How do the Knicks choose which quarter not to play each night? Did they pick the 2nd quarter out of a hat before the game?
  • Why can’t this team be good at both offense and defense. Last year they rocked on offense but couldn’t play a lick of defense. Now since Woodson took over they have the best defense in the league and a pathetic offense. Do the Knicks need to bring D’Antoni back as Woodson’s offensive coordinator? Continue reading

Episode 109: Interview with Robert Silverman

Robert Silverman from Knickerblogger.net joins us today.  We talk about the Knicks win over the Cavs, Roberts name for the Knicks bench, Amar’e and his creaky limbs, Baron Davis, the logjam at shooting guard, the Knicks future, favorite all time Knicks and much more.  Download Episode 109

Episode 107: Don’t worry we mention Jeremy Lin

We talk about the NJ, Atlanta and Miami games.  We propose an Amar’e trade.  We bring back some of our segments including 2 heated minutes, glad we got him in the offseason and he gets paid how much?  Download Episode 107

Easy Shots vs. Hard Shots…In Baron Davis We Trust…Why the Knicks look so awful right now

If Kevin Garnett had hit that last second shot against the Knicks on Christmas then this season would have been an absolute disaster so far. Instead, the Knicks are 1-2 and we are all comforted by the thought that, “hey, it has only been three games.” Yes, the season is young but I think the Knicks need to take their problems very seriously or this season could get out of control really fast and by February we could all be speculating as to what lottery pick the Knicks will get in next year’s draft (assuming they have not traded this pick away which is very possible).

Last night, in their loss to the Lakers, it seemed like the Lakers had quite a number of easy looks while the Knicks seemed to have to work hard for every basket. The Lakers shot extremely well last night especially in the first half where the Lakers seemed like they never missed a basket. The Knicks, on the other hand, managed to stay in the game despite an awful shooting night. This may make you think that if the Lakers did not get so lucky with their shooting and if the Knicks had a little more luck last night then the outcome would have been different. The problem with this thought process is that you are missing why the Lakers were having more “luck” shooting and the Knicks lacked “luck”. Teams can make their own “luck”. The real difference is that the Lakers shot a lot more easy shots than the Knicks and that is why they shot the ball much better last night. The Lakers were hitting lay-ups and short, open jumpers while the Knicks were focusing on 3s and almost always taking contested shots. It is very understandable that the team taking the easier shots will more times than not shoot better than the team taking harder shots. If the Knicks want to improve their offensive performance they need to really focus on taking easier shots, or what you would call higher percentage shots (and if they want to improve their defense they may want to focus on forcing teams like the Lakers into lower percentage shots by say having everyone stick with their man). The Lakers were able to shoot a lot of easy shots last night because they did some very important things like moved the ball around, found open cutters, used screens and basically worked as a team. These things sound pretty basic but maybe D’Antoni, the Offensive Genius may want to work on these things with his team. He may also want to try basic, youth league rules like you have to pass the ball twice before anyone is allowed to shoot so at least this team thinks about passing (Toney “I shoot way too early” Douglas in particular should never be allowed to shoot before having passed the ball at least once).

The common collective response to the Knicks’ offensive woes is that we do not have a true point guard and once Baron Davis gets back everything will be fine. Continue reading

Episode 91: Breaking Down The Knicks Roster

We get ready for the season to begin by analyzing every player on the Knicks roster by best case scenario, worst case scenario and most realistic scenario.  Download Episode 91

Episode 90: Western Conference Preview

We talk about Baron Davis coming to the Knicks and Jeff Green out for the year and what that means for the Celtics.  We introduce a few new segments into the show.  Then we do our western conference preview, predictions for the 8 playoff seeds, 5 questions, most/least improved and more.  Download Episode 90