Notes from Last Night’s Match-up of the Bulls vs. Developmental League Knicks

Was this guy really supposed to be our savior at point guard???

  • Do you remember how everyone was worried that when Baron came back he would insist on taking over the starting role from Jeremy Lin. Well Lin is out for the year and Baron still insists on playing back up point guard even if we don’t have a goddam starting point guard.
  • How do the Knicks choose which quarter not to play each night? Did they pick the 2nd quarter out of a hat before the game?
  • Why can’t this team be good at both offense and defense. Last year they rocked on offense but couldn’t play a lick of defense. Now since Woodson took over they have the best defense in the league and a pathetic offense. Do the Knicks need to bring D’Antoni back as Woodson’s offensive coordinator?
  • I can’t believe I am saying this but I wish JR Smith shot the ball more last night.
  • How does this team have four shooting guards that cannot shoot. That is like having four centers who are all under six foot.
  • Does Fields only have a maximum of three good plays on a given night?
  • Hey Woodson, if the Bulls are destroying us on the glass all night, why not put Harrelson, Chandler and Jeffries out there together and see if we can get a goddam rebound.
  • Speaking of Chandler, I love his defense and he has been awesome this year, but you would think a guy with his insane size would have developed a single post move with having been in the NBA this long. It would be really nice if Chandler could actually post someone up and do a hook shot or something. The Knicks are freakin desperate for more offense and all.
  • Are the rumors about Bill Walker being alive true and, if so, could he look any worse than the guys who are actually playing.
  • Carmelo, you are playing great but can you try to say, NOT slow down the offense on every possession. You are like a mack truck slamming into any offense we might have each night…who am I kidding, this team has no other offense besides Carmelo and some lucky shots from JR and Novak.
  • Toney Douglas, you suck.

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