The Knicks Depth

Remember a few weeks ago when we were complaining that the Knicks went 4 deep with one of the worst benches in the NBA?  Well now if Baron Davis ever comes back we’re suddenly 2 deep at every single position.

Jeremy Lin                Baron Davis
Landry Fields             Iman Shumpert
Carmelo Anthony      Steve Novak
Amar’e Stoudemire   Josh Harrellson
Tyson Chandler         Jared Jeffries

And that’s with Toney Douglas, Bill Walker, Renaldo Balkman, Mike Bibby and Jerome Jordan all getting zero minutes.

Are we actually resembling a real team?

One thought on “The Knicks Depth

  1. I don’t really like Jeffries as our back-up center because he isn’t really big enough to compete for rebounds against the Noahs and Gasols, but I also don’t like Amar’e playing in center if Chandler is off because he always goes for blocks and doesn’t protect the paint well enough = easy layups.

    We need Toney to get back from his shoulder injury which has stopped him from shooting well, passing well and getting around screens. All this hate is not needed because of this injury, he’d be fine by now if we’d rested him at the start of the season but D’Antoni gave him ridiculous minutes because Bibby is worthless and Shump can’t play point.


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