The Knicks Win Their Sixth In A Row

The Knicks won their sixth in a row, the first five with a starting lineup of Jared Jeffries, Bill Walker, Landry Fields, Jeremy Lin and Tyson Chandler.  If you’re doing the math that’s 1 legit starter, a D-leaguer, a 2nd round pick, a guy who was the 11th man in Boston and a guy who couldn’t break into Houston’s rotation when all of their forwards and centers were injured.  Amar’e was back for this one, but started out real rusty.

So why are they winning?

Jeremy Lin was the hero yet again, hitting the game winner despite Bill Walker’s best efforts to miss every shot yet again.  I know Douglas got booed off the court and there’s a reason he is playing zero minutes a game now, but isn’t he better than Walker?  Wouldn’t Balkman or more Novak be better?  That’s my only complaint, everything else has been going great.

Things we have learned during the win streak:

  • Shumpert is perfect as a 6th man.  He plays great D and brings energy and scoring off the bench.
  • Tyson Chandler is a monster when he has a legit player at the point.
  • I haven’t hated Jared Jeffries for 3 straight games.
  • Bill Walker is terrible, how does he keep getting minutes?
  • Novak should continue to get 12-15 minutes a game even when everyone is back.  3’s off the bench are nice to have.  Even his defense has looked decent.
  • I can’t wait for Baron Davis to get healthy so we don’t have to see Bibby play anymore.
  • Point Guard really is the most important position in basketball.
  • and finally, Jeremy Lin is the real deal.

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