Knicks vs Heatles Game 1 – Game Thread

Chandler might not play today.  Good thing the Heatles don’t have a center either.  Predictions?  Do we steal one on the road today?  Does LeBron fade in the 4th, does Bosh cry, does Shump shut Wade down?

21 thoughts on “Knicks vs Heatles Game 1 – Game Thread

  1. Great intensity so far. I hope we don’t get into the penalty early but I guess its better than giving up layups. Hopefully Carmelo will get going soon.


  2. Somebody remind Baron Davis to pass the ball, and that he shouldn’t be taking more shots than Melo or Stat!!!

    Goddamn you Davis!


  3. On a lot of Melo’s offensive possesions, there are Knicks players just standing in the lane. He is being forced into shots.


  4. A few plays ago, I was almost sure JR was fouled on a drive to the hoop. The refs are quick to call fouls on some things, but when a guy is off his feet and is hit, no call?


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