Knicks beat Nets: Go back to Jersey and get your shinebox


Some thoughts from last night:

  • Great game, these two teams are, to my disappointment, pretty evenly matched up when they play one another.
  • If JR Smith had actually lost a limb during the 4th quarter, would he have let Woodson take him out?
  • It was aid before the season that the Knicks would be pretty good if the year was 2003.  Looks like Jason Kidd things it is 2003 at least based on the way he has been playing.
  • It has to be so awful as a Nets fan to watch Kidd – one of your arguably top 3 players all time – hit a back breaking 3 pointer against you while playing for your big city rivals. The closest equivalent for Knicks fans would have been having Ewing drop a double double on us while wearing a Sonics uniform.
  • Hey Nets fans, Deron is a very good point guard. Carmelo is an MVP candidate. I hope you understand the difference.
  • As far as our point guard, Felton had 70% of the Knicks turnovers last night. That sounds like a lot.
  • If any Nets fans are complaining because they did not have Lopez last night, please remember that the Knicks have more injury problems than you do and that Lopez would not have had better numbers than Blatche last night.
  • Hey Nets fans, I bet before the season you would have been psyched to have the same record as the Celtics at this point in the season.
  • On a more positive note for Nets fans, your playing the Raptors tonight. No better cure for a 5 game losing streak than playing the Raptors. God help you if you blow this freebie.
  • Finally, I cannot believe neither Wallace or JR left the court after the collision.

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