Knicks vs Magic – 1-5-12 – Game Thread

The magic have almost as many players injured as the Knicks do and sucked to begin with.  If the Knicks don’t make it two in a row tonight expect a very cynical podcast tomorrow.  Comment below as the game goes.  Please.  I was arguing with myself last game.

32 thoughts on “Knicks vs Magic – 1-5-12 – Game Thread

  1. I think I’ve had enough of Amare for one day. Forget the defense. He is clueless on how to fit into the offense. Just seems to get in the way of everyone. I think the refs feel bad for him because he had a couple of moving screens that they just ignored.


  2. Does anyone know if brewer has some lingering injury that makes him shockingly bad on offense? I keep googleing “brewer injury” in hope that’ll he be back to par by the end of the season…


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