Knicks vs Clippers – 2-10-13

What Knicks team will come out today, the one that plays defense and moves the ball on offense or the team that allows a layup drill and plays iso-ball?  Who’s your pick for todays #Knickeffect?

38 thoughts on “Knicks vs Clippers – 2-10-13

  1. With melo playing PF, Chandler has to get all the Rebounds. And look at the teams he has the 20 Rebound games against not impressed. I understand what Mark was saying on the last podcast.


  2. Woodson needs to pull someone the next time they have a TO or complete letdown on D. Let them sit out the rest of the game. Maybe that will send a message.


  3. For 1 play, the Knicks looked like the “early season Knicks”. Floor was spaced, nice ball movement, and a Tyson rebound tip leading to a basket. But the Knicks have lost that turnover magic (already 8 so far).


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