Knicks vs Jazz – 3-9-13 – Game Thread

Who will get tonights #Knickeffect?  Who will score now that Melo and Amare is out?  Will JR take more than 50 shots tonight?  Comment below as the game goes on

10 thoughts on “Knicks vs Jazz – 3-9-13 – Game Thread

  1. Hey Jay Marc, I listen to every podcast while I’m working. I value both of your opinions but both of you are wrong when it comes to how T.Chandler is used on offense. He doesn’t post up because that is not apart of his game and it never will be. He only gets points off of Pick & Roll. Also, he can’t shoot so that’s why when we gets ball at the top of the key he looks to pass rather than shoot. Making FREE THROWS does not translate to making jump shots. There FREE THROWS & teams will be more than happy to let him shoot from top of key. Kenyon Martin wasn’t in game shape so that’s why he hasn’t played up unto OKC game. Could you imagine being told to work in a new departing at your job with out fully knowing what’s going on or the proper training. & I’m not bashing you guys I love ya podcast & you are the best podcast with host name Jay & Marc of all time.


  2. Agree 100%. Mike Woodson, isn’t a very good coach it’s ISO or Pick & Roll. Like you guys said its never any plays called to get shooters open it’s frustrating. I wish J.Kidd would call Woody out on it


  3. It sux that before the news of A’mare going down for 6 weeks I believe he was playing his self to be traded. What I mean by that is he was starting to play good which mean some team in the offseason would have taken a look at him. His contract is getting better in terms of trade bait.


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