End of the 2012/13 Season Grades

These are the grades from Episode 202

Jay’s Picks

Carmelo Anthony – A-
Earl Barron – A
Marcus Camby – D-
Tyson Chandler – B-
Chris Copeland – B+
Raymond Felton – B+
Kenyon Martin – A+
Steve Novak – C
Pablo Prigioni – A
Quentin Richardson – D
Iman Shumpert – A
J.R. Smith – C-
Amar’e Stoudemire – F
James White – D

Brock’s Picks

Carmelo Anthony – A++++
Earl Barron – A+
Marcus Camby – A
Tyson Chandler – A
Chris Copeland – F
Raymond Felton – A+++
Kenyon Martin – A+++
Steve Novak –  A-
Pablo Prigioni –  A+++
Quentin Richardson – Inc
Iman Shumpert – EMA+++
J.R. Smith – A++
Amar’e Stoudemire – A++++++++++++
James White – DeadOA


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