2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 3

I just thought of doing this so there is no week 1 and two.  This is based on how the player has played over the previous week(s), not on total talent. 
Rank Player              Comments Last weeks Rank
1 World Peace, Metta Ron Artest (I’m not calling him Metta) has been the Knicks best bench player.  A few dumb hacktastic fouls aside he’s been the least aggravating Knicks to watch over the first two weeks.
2 Anthony, Carmelo Melo has been shooting like crap all season but it’s easy for opposing teams to gang up on him when there are no other scoring threats and Melo probably wouldn’t pass if there were.
3 Bargnani, Andrea Bargs offense has come alive the last two games.  I have absolutely no expectations of him rebounding or playing defense so this is as good as it gets.
4 Prigioni, Pablo Pablo has been defending and shooting well in fairly limited minutes.  Two things Felton has not done well at all so far.
5 Hardaway Jr., Tim It’s not so much that THJ has been good it’s that everyone else has been so bad.
6 Aldrich, Cole Aldrich actually did real basketball stuff when he was on the court.  It was garbage time but it’s still nice to see a Knick big man actually rebound the ball.
7 Felton, Raymond He’s assisting less than Melo so far this season.  But at least he’s making up for it by shooting terribly….
8 Shumpert, Iman The man who is supposed to give this franchise hope has looked really pedestrian so far.
9 Udrih, Beno Hasn’t done much yet, but I guess it’s hard to get into a groove when you play one minute one game and 20 the next.
10 Murry, Toure’ Looked decent in very limited minutes in garbage time.
11 Martin, Kenyon Another PF on an every other game schedule.  At least K-Mart might be able to provide quality playoff minutes.
12 Chandler, Tyson Yes, even with a broken leg Tyson was less detrimental to his team than a few other players.
13 Stoudemire, Amar’e Look, I feel bad that he’s so injured, I really do, but 10 foul and turnover plagued minutes every other game isn’t helping anyone.
14 Smith, J.R. The Knicks should have waited until Wednesday to suit JR up.  It’s well documented that Sundays are official hangover days where there’s a game or not.
15 Smith, Chris He wasn’t suited up for the 31 point loss to the Spurs but something tells me he still wouldn’t have made it on to the court.

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