2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 7

How do you even judge a team that wins two in a row by a total of 68 points and then loses by 41 two days later?  Can the Knicks now only beat bad teams that are missing at least two starters?  I’ll try again to make sense of this crazy roster.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo The Melo everyone wants showed up to the Nets and Magic games.  Anthony took only good shots and as a result had his first back to back over .500 shooting nights of the season, he rebounded and he got a good amount of assists.  The bad Melo showed up in Boston, but I can only penalize him to much considering the bad version of everyone showed up against Boston. 2
2 Prigioni, Pablo Pablo was one of two players to show up against Boston.  The team shot 65% for the 17 minutes he played and 22% for the 31 minutes he didn’t.  Is Woodson the only one who doesn’t understand that Priggy makes this team better?  Lets make sure he definitely plays less than 20 minutes a game because Felton is super awesome. 4
3 Chandler, Tyson Chandler is in week 5 of rehab and is talking about maybe coming back before new Years which would make his 4-6 week recovery period about 8 weeks long.  No one wants him to come back before he’s totally healthy but I think we learned that he’s the #1 most important player on this roster. 7
4 Hardaway Jr., Tim Rook has been looking real good.  He better be careful though, if he keeps this up he’ll end up on the trading block.  Also, is anyone else worried that he’s using JR’s 3-point celebration on the bench?  I like the enthusiasm but I hope he’s not using JR as a role model. 5
5 Martin, Kenyon Raise your hand if you’re surprised that lifting his minutes restriction, and playing him heavy minutes at center would result in sore joints.  At least he got to miss the Boston Massacre. 3
6 Bargnani, Andrea Bargnani looked good on offense during the two wins, terrible in the loss.  However, he had 2 rebounds in 28 minutes against the celtics.  That just won’t do.  You’re 7 goddamn feet tall, box someone out and grab a few more rebounds. 1
7 World Peace, Metta Metta gets a boost for joining Priggy as the only two players who looked like they were even tring against Boston.  The other two games he played this week weren’t too shabby either. 11
8 Shumpert, Iman In a span of 72 hours Shumpert had his best game of the season and his worst game of the season.  I’m trying not to think about this too much because it makes my head hurt. 6
9 Felton, Raymond You’re not fooling me Raymond.  I noticed you only looked good against Tyshawn Taylor and a washed up Jameer Nelson.  Have a good game against an actual PG AND not have said PG go off on you and you’ll move up some spots. 8
10 Aldrich, Cole I’m not a fan of per 36 minutes stats but I am amused that Aldrich’s makes him look like Bill Russell 9
11 Murry, Toure’ Missed a few layups against the Nets but looked much better in his next two garbage time appearances this week. 10
12 Stoudemire, Amar’e Two good offensive games (do we even have to mention defense at this point?  It’s always atrocious), separated by the ‘we’re sitting Amare tonight because he can’t play anything even resembling an NBA schedule anymore but we’re pretending it’s not as bad as it seems’ game. 14
13 Udrih, Beno I can’t tell if Beno is bad or just in a terrible situation and expected to perform after sitting for the first 33 minutes of every game.  I’m thinking a little of both. 12
14 Smith, Chris Your brother recruited you to the Knicks, can you recruit your brother to the Bayhawks? 13
15 Smith, J.R. Oh cool, JR had his first two good games of the season when it was already a blowout and he wasn’t even needed.  Even when he plays good he pisses me off. 15

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