2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 9

Two wins and only 1 loss since last weeks power rankings.  So what if the two wins were by the smallest of margins and also to the two worst teams in the league.  It’s Christmas week and I’m trying to stay positive.  I probably won’t stay positive past #2 or 3 on this list but I’ll try my best.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Chandler, Tyson Oh how we missed the defense and rebounding and the yelling after dunks.  Would love to see Chandler get more involved in the offense, but after seeing what this team looked like without Tyson there is no denying him the #1 spot this week.  Especially since he didn’t get reinjured after Woodson tried to murder him in the Bucks game by keeping him in for 37 minutes, the last 10 or so of which he was clearly hobbling. 3
2 Anthony, Carmelo Carmelo Anthony hit the 50% mark twice this week!  That’s borderline efficient!  With pretty much everyone on the roster without a last name of Hardaway shooting like it’s the 8th round of a beer pong rec league I can almost understand all the iso.  Of couse he does that when he has shooters around him too so I won’t totally justify the ball hoggery. 1
3 Hardaway Jr., Tim THJ is going on week 3 as the best SG on this team.  Lets keep rolling with Shump and JR though because that strategy makes much more sense than developing a player who already leads all rookies in 3p%, which happens to be a glaring weakness on this team. 2
4 Udrih, Beno I’m already having a ton of trouble with this list.  I guess Beno gets it for his really great game against the Bucks (offensively anyway, he did let Brandon Knight score approx. 357 points), and some decent play against the magic.  He did completely stink against Memphis, but so did pretty much everyone. 11
5 Murry, Toure’ Why is Toure’ Murry so high?  He’s the only player from this point forward that didn’t completely suck in at least 1 game this week and/or get/is injured.  Plus that sick behind the back pass to Hardaway had to bump him up a few spots. 10
6 Prigioni, Pablo There literally isn’t anyone else on this roster who has played better than Prigioni, who hasn’t played because his toe is broken. 4
7 Martin, Kenyon Kenyon Martin hasn’t played this week but moves up a spot.  The 2013-14 Knicks everybody! 8
8 Aldrich, Cole 3 games, 3 DNP-CD.  Because Woodson. 13
9 World Peace, Metta Metta had one halfway decent game before getting his knee drained, and revealing he has a cyst on his knee and will get the same procedue Kobe got on his knee.  Looks like he’ll be out a while.  Lovely. 7
10 Smith, J.R. Holy crap, JR Smith shot .500 from the field for one straight game!  Not above .500, exactly .500, but still we’ll take it.  He’s also been passing the ball and rebounding.  Now if 80% of his shots weren’t those ridiculous step back 22 footers maybe he could be an actual positive on the court one of these days. 15
11 Bargnani, Andrea Bargnani got caught up in the moment and as a result almost blew the Bucks game.  At least he followed that up with two more horrible games.  Is his confidence permanenetly destroyed now? 6
12 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare missed a game, probably because Woodson panicked about his job and ran him into the ground (sound familiar?).  The last two games we’re back to limited minutes Amare which ends up with unproductive offensive minutes as well as really bad defense.   5
13 Felton, Raymond Felton finally came back from his hamstring injury, played 3/4 of a semi-ok game even though Jameer Nelson was able to run amok, and then strained his groin.  Awesome! 9
14 Shumpert, Iman Shumpert shot 14% over a 6 game streak and became the first player to play 30 minutes and do literally nothing.  0 points, rebound, and assists.  At least his defense has looked really bad too. Untouchable! 12
15 Smith, Chris Chris Smith finally gets back to his rightful spot as the worst player on this roster, despite a number of very strong efforts from his teammates to take this spot. 14

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