2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 10

Three games and three ugly losses since the last rankings.  The week was highlighted by finding out Metta World Peace is an alien, Chris Smiths first NBA minutes, Dolans motivational speech followed up by Tyson Chandler saying he was told to say the meeting never happened and other stupid things that only happen with this franchise.  I’d love to just start this list with #4 but alas I can’t, so without further ado here is this weeks Knicks roster power rankings:
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Murry, Toure’ Yeah I’m putting Murry at the top spot this week, big whoop, wanna fight about it?  No starter deserves the top spot this week after the got blown out of the water in every game this week.  Murry happens to play very good defense, makes some nice passes and those passes are to his own team, bonus!  Murry also had a +4 while playhing 27 minutes in a 15 point loss, which is the one positive from that game. 5
2 Stoudemire, Amar’e We have always said Amare is never going to be a positive on defense, but if he’s going to be super crazy efficient on offense then it’s worth having him out there.  That’s what he was this week.  The only efficient offensive threat on the entire team this week actually.  So far this list is making me sad. 12
3 Udrih, Beno Poor Beno, he looks outmatched out there sometimes, but he’s been handling the lead PG duties better than I expected.  He also called out Woodson for his inconsistent playing time and the lack of the 2 PG lineup that he was promised upon signing with this mess of a team. 4
4 Chandler, Tyson Tyson has not looked himself this week.  Maybe he came back too soon or maybe he’s playing injured.  Playing injured seems to be the thing to do on this team rather than taking a game or two off and coming back healthy and effective.  Tyson has shown flashes but not enough. 1
5 Anthony, Carmelo While I liked watching actual ball movement while Melo was out, I also like watching the ball go through the hoop, which it does not do often enough with Melo out with an ankle injury. 2
6 Prigioni, Pablo The only positive of having Pablo out is Murry getting playing time, but the Knicks need Pablo back in a serious way. 6
7 Hardaway Jr., Tim Hardaway has shown flashes of awesome with some nice dunks and timely 3 point shots, but his shot has been inconsistent and his defense needs A LOT of work. 3
8 Martin, Kenyon K-Mart looked old and slow out there this week but somehow also looked like one of the top defenders on this team. 7
9 Smith, J.R. Is it that JR can no longer shoot or is it that he is fully committed to that stupid step back shot that never works?  He got voted as the Knicks player of the week by the Knicks blog, which is insane, but I will give him credit for getting more rebounds and assists than usual, while not taking 30 shots a game with Melo out, which is kind of surprising.  Negative point for sporting a +/- of -68 over the 3 games this week, twice as bad as playing injured/terrible defense Bargnani. 10
10 Bargnani, Andrea So now we find out Bargnani has been playing injured and can barely turn his neck.  Why in gods name do so many players on this team play when they are barely functional and a detriment to the team in their condition?  Sit out until healthy, there is no point in playing like crap while injured.  This goes out to Felton, Amare, Melo and everyone else this season who has played multiple games injured. 11
11 World Peace, Metta Only played in one game this week and got 3 rebounds in 5 minutes.  Looks like that knee is going to be a problem until his procedure next week.  We did get to find out he’s an alien, so there’s that. 9
12 Felton, Raymond Felton moves up a spot because his injury resulted in Murry getting more playing time. 13
13 Aldrich, Cole 7 minutes and two appearances this week!  This might be the last we see of him since it looks like Jeremy Tyler will be signed this week and will most likely be taking his garbage time minutes. 8
14 Shumpert, Iman Shumpert shot 5-15 this week which is sadly way better than the last few weeks.  His defense hasn’t looked good at all either.  Did the Knicks mentally destroy him, is he in a slump, is he still recovering from an injury, does he have a new injury, or is he just plain old overrated? 14
15 Jeremy Tyler Welcome to the Knicks Jeremy Tyler!  You can have Chris Smiths spot until you start playing. N/A

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