2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 12

Four games and four wins this week making it the best week since I started this rankings.  Unlike most weeks, I might even be able to avoid making myself furious by the end of this weeks rankings:
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Melo started the week off on fire.  His last two games he hasn’t shot particularly well but it’s probably harder to shoot when there is no consistent 2nd scoring option and opponents can double you on every possession.  Melo has also been rebounding and even assisting at a decent clip.  This weeks clear #1. 3
2 Shumpert, Iman While Shumpert didn’t shoot well this week, he seems to have found his groove defensively again, putting up the best +/- on the team with a total +46 in 4 games.  He’s also averaged about 8 rebounds per game which is a nice bonus. 1
3 Martin, Kenyon It won’t show up as much in the box scores but Kenyon has been huge for the Knicks.  He’s had more than a few timely putbacks and has been an underrated passes as well. 6
4 Bargnani, Andrea it’s feast for famine with Bargnani.  He looked so good against Detroit and Miami and so bad against Philly.  At least it looks like Woodson has learned to play Bargs more when he’s hot and much less when he’s not.  Kinda like what should have been done with JR for the last 2 seasons. 7
5 Stoudemire, Amar’e While Amare had a poor outing in Detroit, he was huge in the Miami and Philly games.  He looks like he’s getting his confidence back and even got to show off some of those new post moves we’ve been hearing about.  Amare has already played more games than last season.  I’m not sure if anyone really truely expects him to stay healthy through the rest of the season and the playoffs but if he can it’ll give the bench a much needed scoring punch. 10
6 Felton, Raymond Another feast for famine player.  Loved the 14 assists against Miami, but how do you play 44 minutes as the starting PG against the Suns and have one single solitary assist?  At least he hit half his shots but come one, move the ball! 11
7 Chandler, Tyson All these minutes for K-Mart make me nervous.  Good thing Chandler is coming back from his annual plague infection soon. 5
8 Murry, Toure’ With Felton back Murry is down from a 15 minute a game limit to 10.  When Priggy comes back he might be out of the rotation again.  Not sure he should be as I’ve seen good things just about every time he’s in. 2
9 Prigioni, Pablo Pablo is coming back soon!  We’re getting dangerously close to seeing what this roster looks like fully healthy. *furously knocks on every wood surface I can find 8
10 Hardaway Jr., Tim THJ has not looked very good this week, other than that out of this world dunk.  It’s those flashes that make playing him 12 minutes a game worth it. 9
11 Udrih, Beno With Felton back and Priggy back very soon could this be the last we’ve seen of Beno for a while?  It wouldn’t be if Woodson ever went back to the 2 PG lineup, but why would he do that?  It’s not like the Knicks ever went on a 13 game winning streak using that strategy. 4
12 Smith, J.R. After getting warned by his coach AND the league for untying Marions shoelace he immediately tries to untie Monroe’s shoelace the first chance he got in Detroit, got fined $50,000, had his coach bench him the entire game in Miami, and then went to a club in Miami where he proceeded to pretend to untie shoelaces at the club.  You know, your typical JR week.  He did have his 2nd above .500 shooting game of the season when he came back from his 1 game DNP-CD before looking terrible again in Phoenix.  That one good game gets him out of the cellar this week. 15
13 World Peace, Metta Rumor has it we might see a Metta sighting sometime soon as well.  I’ll believe it when I see it! 12
14 Aldrich, Cole The only way Aldrich is going to make an appearance is if the Knicks are up or down by 20 with 3 minutes or less in the 4th. 13
15 Jeremy Tyler Same scenario as Aldrich. 14

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