2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 15

A 2-2 week.  Doesn’t seem to bad right?  Well the two wins were against some of the worst teams in the league and one of the losses was against literally the worst team in the league.  I really don’t understand this team at all right now, you never know what team will show up from night to night and unlike last year no game on the schedule is a definite win.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Two weeks in a row at #1.  No one else on this team seems capable of stringing together more than 2 games of good play so this is Melos spot to lose.  His rebounding has taken a slight dip but considering how bad everyone else has been I can’t complain too much.  You have to wonder if Carmelo wants to stick around after this season considering the players around him.  Is the Knicks pitch to Melo going to be “hey this offseason we are confident we will be able to add the pieces necessary to beat the Bucks.” 1
2 Smith, J.R. Yes, the guy who spent the most weeks at the #15 spot is now in the #2 spot.  That’s what this season has come to.  He had one bad game, but looked surprisingly good in the other 3.  My theory: It’s too cold out to go to the clubs.  He’ll revert back to terrible, hungover JR around mid/late March, just in time for the playoffs. 6
3 Chandler, Tyson Never mind what said about Tyson looking like the old Tyson.  He looks like Tyson but old.  Seeing him get manhandled by Zaza Pachulia was depressing.  Still he played alright which is better than 12 other players on this team. 2
4 Prigioni, Pablo Pablo needs to be more aggressive.  He can’t go a game without a shot an another with only 1 assist.  Deficiencies aside he’s still the Knicks best point guard. 3
5 Hardaway Jr., Tim 3 great shooting nights before that stinker in Milwaukee.  Still, he has to get better on defense, THJ posted a +/- of -19 against the Heat despite being productive on offense. 5
6 Jeremy Tyler In the two games this week that Tyler got to play real minutes he was very productive.  So of course Woodson went away from that and played Tyler less than 10 minutes for the other two.  In a completely related note, the Knicks won the two he played over 20 minutes and lost the two he played less than 10. 8
7 Murry, Toure’ The Knicks 2nd best PG played 15 minutes this week. 11
8 Bargnani, Andrea Bargnani’s injury gave this team a big boost. 10
9 Shumpert, Iman Could really have used Imans defense against Miami, but good lord what happened to Iman on offense.  He’s been a complete mess.  I’m also thinking his defense is really good compared to the rest of the Knicks guards, but not really good compared to somoene who is really good. 7
10 Martin, Kenyon Stop being injured K-Mart.  Just get healthy. 13
11 Aldrich, Cole 24 minutes this week!  He hasn’t looked bad, so of couse Woodson doesn’t use him. 9
12 Udrih, Beno Beno said he took back his trade request, but I don’t believe him.  He also played zero minutes this week because Felton has been so amazing. 12
13 World Peace, Metta Metta is this years Camby.  Makes an appearance every few weeks and then gets reinjured.  Great. 15
14 Felton, Raymond The Knicks are 13-3 when Felton posts a positive +/-.  Those with advanced math degrees may have noticed that it’s almost 50 games into the season.  Yes his +/- has been a negative for the rest.  He can’t defend anyone, he doesn’t distribute the ball well and he shoots well once a week at best.  Why is he the default, no questions asked #1 option for point guard on this team?  Would he start on any other team in the league? 4
15 Stoudemire, Amar’e At this point I don’t care what his numbers are.  The last year and a half have been a big enough sample size.  He brings some bad mojo with him and the Knicks win when he’s in a suit and lose when he’s playing.  It’s that simple.   14

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