2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 16

1-2 this week with the obligatory hey, maybe this team isn’t so bad and might be turning things around game against Denver before turning back into a bad Knicks team again.  Will this be the last power rankings with this roster?  The next one will be written the day before the trade deadline so it’s possible that there will be some new faces on this list by next week.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Jeremy Tyler He hasn’t played a ton of minutes, but he did sport a +30 this week and had a double double against Denver.  Jeremy was also the only Knick to play well in all 3 games this week. 6
2 Anthony, Carmelo The list of Knicks who look like they are still actually trying is down to about 3 and one of them is Melo.  He couldn’t hit shots against Portland or OKC and his free throw attempts are way down, but it must be hard to keep any sort of consistency when literally every person you played with last year is playing much worse this year. 1
3 Chandler, Tyson Tyson looks like he’s one more blowout loss away from open revolt.  He now appears to scowl at his teammates when they switch for no reason instead of helping them, but I’d still rather have him on the court than half of these jokers. 3
4 Prigioni, Pablo I almost thought Woodson came to his senses when Pablo played 8 more minutes than Felton against Portland and clearly outplayed him.  The very next game the teams best point guard took a back seat to arguably the league worst starting point guard because Woodson. 4
5 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare gets this high because he’s been super efficient on offense.  The Knicks still lose when he plays, they are 12-27 when he does and 8-4 when he doesn’t.  It doesn’t matter though because if he’s healthy enough to play he’s going to so at least he’s scoring when he is out there. 15
6 Hardaway Jr., Tim Really inconsistent but from time to time shows flashes of a player that could be a really nice player at some point. 5
7 Murry, Toure’ Free Toure’.  Why he doesn’t play and Felton does is crazy to me. 7
8 Smith, J.R. Well JR had one good week.  4 more and he can win 6th man of the year again!  What I do like is his passing.  If he only drove and passed he’d get my vote for starting point guard. 2
9 Martin, Kenyon Get new ankles. 10
10 Shumpert, Iman Another 0 point game?!?!  Shumpert has also scored 5 or less 28 times this season.  I’m off the bandwagon, if he’s thrown into a trade this week I won’t shed any tears. 9
11 Aldrich, Cole 6 minutes this week.  It is 6 more minutes than the next player on this list. 11
12 Udrih, Beno So Beno doesn’t get any minutes even if it’s a 20 point blowout.  I hope the Knicks more him more for the fact that I feel bad at how much he’s been mistreated. 12
13 Bargnani, Andrea I want Bargnani to fully recover….in July. 8
14 World Peace, Metta Marc: Does Metta not play because Woodson doesn’t know that he is Ron Artest and thinks he’s just some rook? 13
15 Felton, Raymond Feltons numbers don’t look that bad this week but that doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story.  As usual he got burned on the defensive end of the court in every game and still looks for his own shot before others which is not good because he doesn’t have a good shot.  A rival exec recently said he’s the worst starting PG in the league and he’d even take 10 college PG’s and about a dozen backup PGs over Felton at this point.  Ouch. 14

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