2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 19

Four games and four losses since last week.  The Knicks have won 2 games since January.  It’s March.  Earl Clark and Shannon Brown got to play 1 game of meaningful minutes before being relegated to the bench with Murry and Aldrich.  This makes complete sense since the Knicks trio of JR, THJ and Felton started the game out 1-20.  Gotta snap out of that slump at some point!
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo As much as I’d love to change up the top spot Melo couldn’t play worse than the rest of these jokers if he drop kicked the ball in the stands every time the ball was passed to him.  Thanks for still trying, sorry about the best year of your career being wasted on this trash team. 1
2 Chandler, Tyson Tyson Chandler averaged 17 rebounds over the last 4 games.  I’m thinking it’s easier to get a lot of rebounds when your backcourt shoots 11%.  Lots of bricks flying around. 2
3 Murry, Toure’ Murry got actual playing time once this week.  He played 24 minutes and had a +/- of -1 in a 23 point blowout.  That’s pretty good.  So of course Woodson benched him the next two games. 4
4 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare had a terrible game against Miami, posting a +/- of -30 while doing almost nothing else and then sat the next game because he’s almost crippled.  Looks like the rest did him good because he shot over 80% the next two games and looked more like vintage Amare. 8
5 Prigioni, Pablo You can’t play shooting guard and not shoot the ball.  You can’t play PG and not pass the ball.  Stop being so passive, we all know you are better than this. 3
6 Jeremy Tyler Tyler did some basketball things on the court this week.  In some of those game he even did non-detrimental things, which is more than most of his teammates can say. 5
7 Martin, Kenyon K-Mart is out of his walking boot!  He’s probably not close to playing yet but it looks like he’ll be good to go in time for the playoffs….oh wait 7
8 Shannon Brown It looked like Shannon was going to get some regular rotation minutes.  Then it didn’t.  It looks like Woodson is as excited about the Brown signing as the fans were.  He didn’t look good when he played but he looked better than the regular cast of clowns that get regular burn.
9 Earl Clark Clark played in one game.  Woodson isn’t going to see what he has in Clark because he’s been tightening up the rotations in preparation of this amazing playoff push.
10 Aldrich, Cole Cole Aldrich is so far on the bench he played 1 minute this week despite 4 blowouts. 6
11 Bargnani, Andrea I don’t ever remember Bargs shooting as bad as the four guys below him.  This is not a complement to Bargs. 9
12 Hardaway Jr., Tim Started off the week with a 2-15 game and a +/- of -35 and ended the week with an 0-6 game.  At least he can’t defend anyone in the league.  He gets the nod over the last 3 knuckleheads for having one decent game this week. 12
13 Shumpert, Iman Shumpert missed the first 2 games this week and then went 3-13 over the next two.  Woodson also started JR over him against Detroit.  Congrats Woodson, your destruction of Shump is complete. 11
14 Smith, J.R. The only reason JR didn’t have the worst +/- on the team for the 3rd straight game is because he hit 5 meaningless shots at the end of the game against Detroit after missing his first 10.  10
15 Felton, Raymond What do you get when you combine 7-32 shooting with almost as many turnovers as assists?  The New York Knicks starting point guard! 13

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