2013/14 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 20

This week is pretty much the exact opposite of last week.  The Knicks won all four games, lots of players got involved and everyone looks energized.  Oh yeah and Phil Jackson might become president.  Kind of awkward timing for all this considering there is a protest planned for tomorrow.  Lets see how the Knicks look at they race to keep their very slim playoff hopes alive:
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Stoudemire, Amar’e The only things Amare did this week was to move into the starting lineup, find his midrange shot again, rebound at a nice clip, block shots and play acceptable defense.  I never expected Amare to every claim the #1 spot, but the Knicks are full of surprises lately. 4
2 Anthony, Carmelo Melo has been getting a lot more assists lately.  It’s amazing what happens when your teammates actually hit shots. 1
3 Chandler, Tyson Chandler missed the Philly game due to personal reasons, but before that had 3 double-doubles. 2
4 Smith, J.R. JR was also a big part of this turnaround, moving into the starting lineup, not taking as many shots and shooting more efficiently.  He’s also been getting a few nice looking assists every game. 14
5 Shumpert, Iman While he hasn’t been lighting up the box score, a look at his +/- numbers shows you the impact he has had on the court this week.  Pretty much the only bench player who’s been productive. 13
6 Felton, Raymond Felton has clearly been the worst of the starters, but he’s been looking like an actual point guard this week which is all we need. 15
7 Prigioni, Pablo Pablos minutes have dwindled lately, but his assists per minute rate remains very high. 5
8 Jeremy Tyler Jeremy has been rebounding at a fairly ridiculous rate, but he’s also been fouling at an equally fast pace. 6
9 Martin, Kenyon I hope the return of K-Mart isn’t too late.  He brings such a big boost to this team.  As Woodson would say, he’s a big piece of the puzzle, he’s a big part of what we do as a ballclub. 7
10 Hardaway Jr., Tim Its feast or famine with THJ.  That 28 point game reminded everyone why the Knicks were so reluctant to trade him.  That 2-11 game reminded everyone he’s still a rookie and has a long way to go. 12
11 Murry, Toure’ I still think Toure’ should be getting more minutes.  Can’t complain with the results since the Knicks have been winning, but watch how much I complain should the Knicks start losing again. 3
12 Bargnani, Andrea Unlike K-Mart, I’m not as excited about the return of Bargnani. 11
13 Aldrich, Cole Cole looked decent against Utah, the only game where he played more than 10 minutes….is this an all positive power rankings?  Boring. 10
14 Shannon Brown The new guys haven’t looked so good.  Shannon had a decent showing in 5 minutes against Utah, but in 6 against Philly he missed all 4 free throws and had a +/- of -10.  Ick.  8
15 Earl Clark Looks like the Knicks brining in two new bodies with just that.  Earl and Shannon have not and most likely will not have any effect on whether the Knicks win or lose any games this season. 9

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