The Knicks Offseason So Far

Nothing has actually happened in the offseason so far, but there are tons of rumors floating around.  Since we don’t have much else to do other than watch the last few highly predictable games of the conference finals I figured I’d briefly mention a few of the current items of note.

Carmelo Anthony said he would embrace playing for Mark Jackson.  No duh.  From what I saw of Jackson in Golden State it looks like plays are not his strong suit.  Which means plenty of opportunity for iso-Melo.  The fact that Melo would be happy to play for a coach that lets him monopolize the ball is no shocker.  You should probably go to the top sportsbooks and wager it all on Melo being happy with any coach that gives him enough leeway as Woodson did.

Chicago, Golden State and Brooklyn are interested in Toure MurryThe Knicks can make him a restricted free agent by extending their qualifying offer by June 29th.  As you may have noticed the Knicks have a serious aversion to retaining and developing young players.  They do however excel at making sure we are attached to said player before throwing him into a trade for a past his prime and injury prone vet.  I don’t think we’re attached enough to Murry yet.  My guess is he gets the qualifying offer, plays one more year in NY, shows some serious potential and then gets moved in the offseason for some old bag of bones like Kevin Garnett.

Derek Fisher is the (new) front runner for the Knicks coaching job.  I’m torn on this one.  Fisher has annoyed me with his flopping for 18 years, but on the other side he’s played the point for 18 years, played for Phil and has been on a ton of winning teams.  I’m all for trying a new coach out rather than recycle a coach that failed in his last job.  I guess I’d be fine with this but it’ll feel weird rooting for Fisher after all these years.


One thought on “The Knicks Offseason So Far

  1. The Knicks need to make a ton of changes just to make it to the Eastern playoffs, let alone compete against the West.


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