Episode 261: Live From NY

Marc and Jay talk about Acy and Outlaw joining the Knicks, check in with the Pacers podcast, listener questions, olympic teams, and much more

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8 thoughts on “Episode 261: Live From NY

  1. Guys that was probably one of the funniest episodes u guys ever recorded the pacers podcast was funny and unexpected and the negative reviews kinda entertaining lol on a side note please mention Melo latest weight loss wow just saw it on his Instagram, looks like he lost like 20 pounds wonder how it will affect his game overall.


  2. First time listen er to this podcast and i must say as a gay activist im so happy and proud that mark and jay as a gay couple are making strides in the LGBT community. We are so used to in this society to believing sports in General is a macho thing only the manliest of men can take part in but mark and Jay as queer couple podcast pioneers are trying to break trough tradition sports macho media and spread gay/LGBT voices to multiply media outlets. WGG#. We here we gay get over it !


  3. Podcast Is decent as a listener to both this podcast is way better than the brink of sanity one guys stop that podcast I can’t decide who is a bigger loser the 2 brinkofsanity listners or the two brinkofsanity host I know u guys get piles of cash money/ benjermins/mula/ sticky icky in ad content but don’t be money hungry host and put your full attention to knicks podcast the one with actual potential oh and big fan of u guys


  4. I only listen to about 3 knicks podcast and i did not know mark and jay are a homosexual couple. Not that there is anything wrong but it all makes sence now the awkward sinker and jokes and femenity of mark and the always serious jay guess it’s easy to assume who is top and who is bottom regardless I like the podcast keep doing it guys and don’t think cause u guys are homosexuals I will judge u I will continue to stay tune to the podcast and look forward to this up coming sesone


  5. Ok so I reviewed this podcast last week and Instead of appriciating my constructive criticism they mocked it by making another corny awkward joke about it I don’t even know why I keep listening its like u guys make corny jokes and mark clearly like to be dominated by a strap on yet u guys are better than most knicks podcasts out now I mean Alan hon podcast NO BORING SNY podcast no ,host tries to be In with the crowd to much , knicks italian podcast um no, and knicksatnight podcast love the effort just to long and boring. Anyway my 3 podcast and guess Im a listener now


  6. This podcast is so ugh I don’t know very awkward and one of the host impression are just soo cringe worthy. I’m reading the comments and Mabey the rumor that he likes to get dominated bye a strap in is tru he prob does his impressions while getting dominated by a black strap on now that would make a interesting podcast ,anyway why does nobody recognize the real hero here NICHOLAS MCGOWAN !!!!!
    This mans articles are always very informative and on point goes into detail and uses stats I come to the site to read his post rather than the podcast u guys never once mention him. No wonder stat guy never came back he prob felt unappreciated


  7. It’s about 3:30 am and I listen to this podcast on my way home from the club no I did not see Jr Smith haha anyway I don’t feel like I’m listening to a podcast I feel more as if I’m in a bar with 2 dudes talking knicks .this is my favorite radio show and mark and Jay thanks I can officially add u guys to my list of the little things that make me happy along with Domino’s pizza and girls wearing see tru yoga pants.


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