2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 3

Last week I wrote about how excited I was about this team. What a difference 7 days and 5 straight losses makes. On the plus side the Knicks have their own draft pick this year.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Shumpert, Iman Shumpert has been the Knicks best player so far this season. He shot .500 or better in 4 of the last 5 games and seems to have developed a 3 point shot. My one criticism is he seems too hyper on defense. He gets some dumb fouls and has a habit of trying to cover whoever had the ball. For example, leaving Korver open at the 3 point line to double team Antic in the post is not a great decision. 2
2 Larkin, Shane For a backup point guard forced into a starting point guard position Shane has been doing OK. His numbers won’t blow you away but he doesn’t turn the ball over very much and he plays defense. Two things Felton did not do last last season. 3
3 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare has been rebounding like a madman this week. He hasn’t been scoring a ton but he’s been scoring efficiently. His defense is still a complete mess but at this point I think we’re seeing best case scenario Amare. 5
4 Anthony, Carmelo Melo is here by default because no one played better. But if he has 1 more 25% shooting night while taking over 20 shots I’m dropping him down to 10th. He did look better when playing PF, you know, the position we have massive amounts of data showing he’s better at. Let’s keep playing him at the SF position though. 1
5 Dalembert, Samuel Fisher seems to only want to play Samuel in certain types of matchups, but when Sam does play he does a decent job. Decent: enough to get you the #5 spot on the Knicks roster! 7
6 Hardaway Jr., Tim If you were expecting THJ to his some shots and be miserable on defense he’s exceeded your expectations. 11
7 Smith, Jason Smith played well in the game he started this week. The rest has been….yeah. He doesn’t rebound or defend particularly well, but is ahead of Cole in the rotation for some reason. 9
8 Smith, J.R. JR got suspended for 1 game for hitting a player in the crotch. You can argue that it was an accident but when you act like a complete asshole for 9 straight years people are going to assume the worst. In the games he did play he seemed like a willing passer as well as willing to take high degree of difficulty step back 20 footers. This is supposed to be our 2nd best player. 4
9 Aldrich, Cole Cole gets about a million rebounds per 36 minutes. Fisher sometimes plays him 0 minutes per 36 minutes. 10
10 Acy, Quincy Another player who had 1 good game this week. He had 7 and 9 in that game, but also had a +/- of minus 15. 6
11 Prigioni, Pablo Priggy sprained an akle and was out for 2 games, so not a very big sample size this week. His assists seem to be way down so far this season. 8
12 Wear, Travis Wear played in the first 3 games this season, had a bad game against the Nets and hasn’t been seen since. 12
13 Early, Cleanthony I’m glad Early is getting some run. He shows flashes of promise. If this team keeps on losing I’d love to see him get some extended run so he can develop for next season. 14
14 Calderon, Jose Do the Knicks do any research when the get a new player? Calderon is about the 34th player the Knicks aquired in the offseason that has been unable to play upon arriving to NY. 13
15 Bargnani, Andrea Bargs should take the Derrick Rose approach to recovery and sit this season out. 15



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