2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 12

These rankings are being posted on the 1 month anniversary of the Knicks winning a game. They have now lost 25 of the last 26 games. Just to put this season in perspective; Philly, a team that is trying to lose as much as possible has won 7 games in that same span of time. At least we can get excited about Langston Galloway. 
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Larkin, Shane Shane was the most consistant player on the Knicks this week and by that I mean the only consistant player. 5
2 Wear, Travis If you are wondering how it’s possible that the Knicks are this bad just take a look at this top 5. That should help put things in perspective. 7
3 Galloway, Langston Not a bad first week on the job. From the D-league to a top 3 player on the team. N/A
4 Acy, Quincy How come Acy can hit 3 point shots now but can’t seem to hit 10 foot ones? 1
5 Early, Cleanthony Early is still very raw but has shown enough flashes of good play to get me excited for his development. Then I remembered the Knicks don’t develop players so I hope he has a long and great career for whatever team the Knicks trade him to in a year or two. 8
6 Aldrich, Cole Aldrich has been very up and down lately. More importantly, how is a guy who makes a million dollars a year not able to afford a replacement tooth? 2
7 Prigioni, Pablo Running out of nice things to say about Pablo. I guess it’s hard to get assists when you’re surrounded by 4 guys who can’t shoot. 3
8 Smith, Jason I’m still trying to figure out he looks so very terrible when on the court but his box score never looks too bad. 10
9 Calderon, Jose Once a month and seemingly out of nowhere Calderon comes out and has a mediocre game. 4
10 Hardaway Jr., Tim It’s getting to the point where the Knicks are going to have to throw in Calderon to sweeten a deal for Hardaway. 6
11 Anthony, Carmelo Looks like Melo is going to try and limp around in London and hang around until the all star game. This is an awesome brand he’s building! 9
12 Stoudemire, Amar’e I can’t wait for Amare to come back in a week or two, have 1 good game and then listen to a month of people talking about how we should resign him next year. 11
13 Amundson, Lou Hey lets sign this guy to a 10 day contract and then not play him! 12
14 Thomas, Lance Apparently the Knicks need to be down by more than 45 for Thomas to get some run. 14
15 Bargnani, Andrea The season is half over, Bargs has played for less than a half hour and has made 5 million dollars for that. 15



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