2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 13

For the first time in 5 weeks the Knicks have won a game, going 1 and 1 this week. I hope they got the winning out of their system. We’re in tank more and this is a tough week for tanking with Philly, Orlando, and Charlotte coming up.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo I’m torn, do I give Melo the #1 spot because he played great or penalize him for getting us a win when we’re trying to tank? 11
2 Calderon, Jose Literally no one else on this roster put together two really good games so *pulls name out of a hat* congrats Jose, you had your monthly good game against Milwaukee and it earned you the #2 spot this week. 9
3 Galloway, Langston Going with the trend of having 1 good game, Galloway went off against the Pelicans. Hardaway should be very nervous, Galloway will be taking Hardaway and Priggys minutes going forward. 3
4 Amundson, Lou Lou has a terrible shot but he knows that so he mostly just gets rebounds and blocks, which are things our other big men don’t really do. 13
5 Smith, Jason The fact that Jason Smith has the 5th best week on this team goes a long way in explaining the 6-36 record. 8
6 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare had that 1 good game that I talked about last week. Now comes all the comments about how we should sign him again next season because he is so good and brought the Knicks back to relevancy. 12
7 Wear, Travis Had a very nice game against the Bucks and then played 4 minutes against the Pelicans. What the hell is Fisher doing? 2
8 Thomas, Lance Thomas got a second 10 day contract. He doesn’t look bad but I don’t really see a need in keeping him around so he can take minutes from Wear and when he gets healthy Early. 14
9 Hardaway Jr., Tim I’m glad Fisher is making Hardaway earn his minutes. The fact that he isn’t starting despite being the only SG on the team shows that Fisher is looking for more than mediocre shooting. 10
10 Aldrich, Cole I know Cole had a couple bad games but I’m not down with the whole start Jason Smith over Cole thing. 6
11 Larkin, Shane Well that was a short stay atop the rankings. Shane dropped arguably his biggest turd of the season against the Bucks. 0-4, 1 assist, 5 fouls and 3 turnovers. Ouch. 1
12 Prigioni, Pablo I’m glad Priggy seems upbeat on the bench. Maybe he realizes if the Knicks are able to dump Calderon like they’ve been trying to do, then he’s back to 20 minutes a game. Stay patient Pablo. 7
13 Acy, Quincy Acy was starting to play really well. Then he got benched. Fisher, what the hell are you doing? 4
14 Early, Cleanthony Early is out with his 19th injury of the season, this time it’s the ankle. 5
15 Bargnani, Andrea If Bargs doesn’t play the rest of the season he’ll have made over 500,000 per game he did play in over the course of his Knicks tenure. 15



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