2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 15

The Knicks went 2-1 this week which is their 2nd winning week in a row. Great news if you like meaningless wins, not so great if you are rooting for a top 3 draft pick. One more week until the all-star game after which Melo will hopefully shut it down and the Knicks will get the tank back on track.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Anthony, Carmelo Melo shot 52% against the Lakers. It’s rare when Melo has a good shooting night but he was able to do that and hurt our draft position on the same day. What an awesome brand he’s building! 1
2 Calderon, Jose Look who learned to get assists again! A slightly less washed up looking PG makes a huge difference on this team. 6
3 Amundson, Lou I wonder what the teams record would have been last year if everyone tried as hard as Lou does every night. 7
4 Smith, Jason Smith has looked like an actual NBA player lately. I don’t know what to make of that. 9
5 Galloway, Langston The shooting is still bad and he doesn’t assist very much, but the defense and rebounding is still solid. 3
6 Acy, Quincy I have no complaints about Acy this week, but I have no complements either. 10
7 Thomas, Lance Lance looked very inconsistent this week. He’s quickly becoming a true Knick. 2
8 Larkin, Shane Remember when we were excited about how Larkin was playing? Seems like that was years ago. 11
9 Hardaway Jr., Tim I think people who are against adding Hardaway into a Calderon trade scenario as a deal sweetener should ask themselves if adding THJ would even count as sweetening a deal at this point. 5
10 Early, Cleanthony The only good thing about Earlys week is that he got to play 2 games in the D-league. He needs development and that’s a good way to get him some run while the Knicks continue to try really hard to win meaningless games. 14
11 Prigioni, Pablo I’m all for developing young players but Shane isn’t the answer and Jose isn’t young. #freepablo 8
12 Aldrich, Cole Roller coaster of a season for Cole. Played 7 bad minutes against OKC and is now injured again. 4
13 Wear, Travis Wear is injured again. I hopehe gets healthy and gets plenty of run if/when Melo shuts it down. 13
14 Stoudemire, Amar’e I still see plenty of comments saying Amare should come back next year? Next year the Knicks will be trying to win games. How does a guy who sucks at defense and plays 35 games a year help that cause? 12
15 Bargnani, Andrea Does any team take a chance on Bargs next year? My guess is he’s playing in Europe next year and by playing I mean wearing a suit on some bench in Europe. 15



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