2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 16

If you’re rooting for the Knicks to lose as many games as possible this was a good week as the Knicks went 0-4. They even had a close call at a win against the Nets. We also had the return of Bargs. What a week.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Calderon, Jose Jose is looking like an NBA player again. Good timing, the Knicks only have 2 weeks to make a deal. Raise that trade value! 2
2 Galloway, Langston I’m not ready to say Galloway can’t shoot, but it’s looking a lot like he can’t shoot. But man can he rebound and his defense looks better than any other PG the Knicks have had in the past 5-10 years. Not that the bar was set very high. 5
3 Smith, Jason Smith got a double double this week. I just realized it’s been a while since we’ve seen that from a Knick. I’m not going to do the research but I’m going to say with 80% confidence that the Knicks have the least amount of double doubles in the league this year. 4
4 Amundson, Lou Lou’s hustle and energy make him a fun player to watch. Since we’re a terrible mess of a team we have to focus on the few bright spots and Lou is one of them. 3
5 Larkin, Shane Only on this team can a guy have a not good week and move up 3 spots. 8
6 Thomas, Lance Yes, the Knicks have 3 guys in the top 6 who weren’t in the league a month ago. In related news they have the worst record in the NBA. 7
7 Stoudemire, Amar’e Amare is going to use the all star break to take time to decide if he wants a buyout. Because the 17 games he already missed wasn’t enough down time. 14
8 Anthony, Carmelo Brutal shooting week for Melo. That is in the games he’s not resting so he can be healthy for the all star game. Yes, he’s not resting to get healthy for the Knicks, he’s resting so he can play in a meaningless game to build his brand. 1
9 Acy, Quincy In what is Fisher doing news Acy has been getting his number called in about half the games lately and completely benched in the other half. 6
10 Hardaway Jr., Tim It’s been weeks since Hardaway has had a good shooting night. Not good considering he can’t do ANYTHING else. 9
11 Aldrich, Cole Considering he’s pretty much the only true center on the team I’m having a hard time figuring out why he’s not getting any minutes. 12
12 Early, Cleanthony I’m hoping we’re less than a week away from Melo shutting it down and Early getting some extended run. 10
13 Prigioni, Pablo Galloway has officially taken all of Pablo’s minutes. I love Priggy but it is smart to try and develop a young player as opposed to a guy in his late 30’s. Hopefully we’ll get the best of both worlds and Calderon gets traded so we can see plenty of Galloway and Priggy. 11
14 Wear, Travis Wear seems to be alternating between not even suiting up, having an injury, DNP-CD, and less than 5 minutes played (he played 2 minutes this week). I guess the honeymoon is over. 13
15 Bargnani, Andrea Look who played 14 minutes without getting injured! Lets see if he can break his season high streak of 1.5 games without an injury. 15



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