2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 17

Only one game last week because of the all star break. The big news is it was Amares last game as a Knick. He went 0-3 with 5 points, 4 rebounds, 4 fouls, and 3 turnovers. A sad ending for a guy who started out as an MVP candidate just 5 years ago.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Smith, Jason Can’t ignore 25 and 7 on 10-16 shooting. Add in the zero assists and it was a very Melo-esque game. 3
2 Calderon, Jose This may be the last week for Calderon in these rankings. Rumor has it the Knicks are trying to move him. 1
3 Prigioni, Pablo The Knicks are reportedly also considering moving Pablo. It’ll be a sad day in NY if the Knicks move one of their very few likeable players. 13
4 Amundson, Lou This team is so bad a guy who had zero points makes it into the top 5. 4
5 Galloway, Langston OK, Galloway is going to have to stop shooting like crap or I’m jumping off the bandwagon. 2
6 Aldrich, Cole With Amare gone and Bargs bound to be injured again before March I’m expecting a lot of Aldrich at the 5 very soon. 11
7 Larkin, Shane Larkin hasn’t looked goot in almost a month. It’s looking more and more like he has 29 more games to go as a Knick. 5
8 Thomas, Lance Thomas didn’t play against Orlando. However, he was not resting to get healthy for a meaningless all star game. He is getting healthy for a meaningless regular season game. 6
9 Anthony, Carmelo Melo said it was ridiculous to say the he was resting for the all star game. Well he didn’t play against Orlando and then played 30 minutes in the all star game. What are we supposed to think? 8
10 Hardaway Jr., Tim I don’t want to bitch about THJ every week, so let me try to find something positive about his play…..well….he got to the line a few times…whew, that was hard. 10
11 Early, Cleanthony Still really raw but at least he’s getting some run. Hopefully he develops over the next 30 games. 12
12 Acy, Quincy As if people didn’t dislike Bargs enough, he’s now taking Acy’s minutes. There will be room for both going forward with Amare now out of the picture. 9
13 Bargnani, Andrea Two games in a row without getting injured! A season record! In celebration of this historic event I’m moving him up a spot. 15
14 Wear, Travis You have to think there will be minutes for Wear very soon if the rumor of Melo shutting it down for the season is true. 14



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