2014/15 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 19

Well that was unexpected. Just as I was googling “most losses in a row NBA” the Knicks get their first multiple game (2) winning streak of 2015. I give up trying to figure this team out.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Bargnani, Andrea I never thought in a million years this would happen. The Knicks win a few games and Bargs has been their best player. What in the world is happening? 3
2 Amundson, Lou Dunking, blocking, rebounding, Lou was Mr. Intangibles this week. 6
3 Hardaway Jr., Tim A good shooting week from THJ! It’s been so long since we had a shooting guard that shot well. Please be a turning point and not a fluke. 9
4 Galloway, Langston Galloway is not afraid to take a big shot. He has to be the Knicks feel good story of the year. 1
5 Shved, Alexey Shved can attack the rim, rebound and pass. If he learned to shoot he’d be an absolute keeper. 13
6 Smith, Jason If Smith and the 5 guys above him were the Knicks bench next year I’d be OK with that.  7
7 Thomas, Lance Lance has the uncanny ability to play 20 minutes without me noticing him at all. I guess that’s better than screwing things up when he’s on the court, which so many Knicks players seem to excel at. 10
8 Larkin, Shane I like Shane but will it redundant having both him and Galloway on the team next year? 12
9 Early, Cleanthony Early is slowly showing flashes of NBA talent. Under normal circumstances there is no way he sould be starting, but the Knicks aren’t making the playoffs and he is getting a lot of run for development purposes. I’m cool with that. 11
10 Aldrich, Cole I almost made Cole #1 after he murdered Detroits mascot. 8
11 Acy, Quincy Looks like Acy isn’t going to play very much unless someone gets injured. Lucky for him Bargs is most likely due for one in a few days. 5
12 Wear, Travis Aaaand Wear is out of the rotation again. 4
13 Calderon, Jose This team looks way better with Calderon not playing and that’s disturbing. This guy is making way too much to be producing like a backup. 2
14 Anthony, Carmelo Working on some new names for our max salary always injured star. How about Carmare Anthomire, or Amelo Stoudony? 14



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