2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 3

1-2 this week.  Not great, but at least we beat the Lakers.  Barely.  The Lakers are terrible and it would have been very depressing to lose to them.  This weeks rankings are very difficult as there were no standouts.
Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Galloway, Langston Galloway plays defense, rebounds well for a PG, and seems to have found a 3 point shot.  It looks like his minutes are increasing while Vujacic and Calderons are decreasing.  As it should be. 2
2 Porzingis, Kristaps Back to back double-doubles?  Yes please.  When his shot starts falling he’s going to be a monster. 6
3 Anthony, Carmelo Absolute trash shooting so far this season.  Melo has shot above 40% once in 7 games.  He shoots 20 shots again and half of them are bad looks.  We’re not going to win many games if this keeps up. 1
4 Lopez, Robin Lopez does a lot of things that don’t show up on the box score.  He hasn’t blown anyone away, but he’s been solid. 5
5 Calderon, Jose And this is the problem with a 10 player rotation where most guys are under performing.  Calderon had one good game and made it almost impossible for me to justify putting anyone else above him. 14
6 O’Quinn, Kyle O’Quinn had 1 point last game but still might be the Knicks most consistent bench option after Galloway. 4
7 Williams, Derrick If no one else on the bench is going to step up, why not try and give Stupid Hair McGee more minutes? 7
8 Thomas, Lance Meh. 10
9 Grant, Jerian How come the Knicks can’t ever have both back court guys shooting well at the same time?  Galloway finds his shot, so now Grant shoots like crap.  Calderon finds his shot and Vujacic can’t shoot.  It’s like the Knicks have an allocated shooting percentage that the back court has to adhere to. 3
10 Vujacic, Sasha I think the Sasha honeymoon is over. 8
11 Seraphin, Kevin I’m glad we didn’t get another back court guy so we can get what is basically a worse version of O’Quinn to back up O’Quinn. 11
12 Early, Cleanthony Rumor has it we had an Early sighting against the Cavs.  I blinked and missed it. 9
13 Amundson, Lou I think about 4 front court guys need to get injured for Lou to see minutes. 12
14 Afflalo, Arron Christ Arron, get your crap together.  Have you seen what garbage we’re throwing out there right now?  Get yourself fixed so we can bury Sasha on the bench. 13

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