2015/16 Knicks Roster Power Rankings – Week 14

Once again the Knicks hit .500 and once again go on a losing streak.  Melo played hurt and then didn’t play.  Lance missed some games and we realized how much he means to the team.  The rankings look pretty different this week due to injuries and some up and down play.  The OKC game is included in these rankings because I’m doing this a day late this week.

Rank Player Comments Last weeks Rank
1 Williams, Derrick Yeah I went there. Who else had a better week than Williams? Back to back double doubles with 19 and 21 points, yes please. 4
2 Lopez, Robin Monster game against the Jazz, and respectable showings the rest of the week. 5
3 Galloway, Langston Galloway almost saved the day in OKC. Watch him finally get his groove and get thrown into a Jeff Teague trade. 6
4 Porzingis, Kristaps Shot is still sporadic, but pretty much every game he does something that makes me giddy. 2
5 Anthony, Carmelo Melo started off the week hot but was progressively more hobbled each game, culminating in a DNP against OKC. If the Knicks are going to make a playoff push Melo has to get healthy fast. 3
6 Calderon, Jose Calderon has looked way better on offense lately. He still lets opposing guards run circles around him, but he’s not a liability if he’s shooting efficiently and tallying 5-7 assists. 8
7 Thomas, Lance This week proved how much we need a healthy Lance. Can’t beat a Hornets team down 5 key guys without him, and almost beat OKC sans Melo with him. 7
8 Afflalo, Arron So much for his 1 week stay at #1. Afflalo played terrible defense while also deciding he doesn’t want to rebound the ball anymore, or hit shots. 1
9 Grant, Jerian Grant had two good games and two terrible games, which is what you’d expect from a rookie project PG. 10
10 Seraphin, Kevin Fisher decided to alternated who plays in games between Seraphin, Amundson, and O’Quinn, which is a great way to build chemistry and continuity. Seraphin got the nod in 2 games this week and looked alright. 12
11 Amundson, Lou Amundson fouled out in 13 minutes against the Hornets. Gotta love that hustle! 11
12 O’Quinn, Kyle I’m starting to think O’Quinn is going to be traded soon. Just a hunch. 9
13 Vujacic, Sasha You know, with Afflalos slump maybe we can use Sasha for like 15 minutes a game to BAHAHAHA jkjkjk. 13
14 Early, Cleanthony DNP-Ouch 14



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